Last Day to Get Half-Off the SoundFocus iPhone Sound System Case

October 23, 2014

6:30 pm

The release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus obviously made headlines everywhere for the many improvements to past models. The processing speed – faster, the phone – thinner, the screen resolution – higher, and yet the quality of the iPhone sound system has not gotten any better. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether Siri has gotten any better at its job, if we can’t even hear her in the midst of a crowd – she’s just another voice in a sea of collective noises from the universe.

Earlier this month, audio startup SoundFocus launched Amp, an intelligent iPhone sound system in the form of a case that simply slides on to your phone. While it’s not yet officially on the market, the company is accepting pre-orders until October 31st. The planned retail price for the case is $129, but the company has been running a pre-order promotion offering half-off the price! The bad news: today is the last day for the discount. The good news: go pre-order now and take advantage of it!

Part of providing a true, quality mobile experience necessitates the optimization of all features. And for many years, the audio system on phones have continued to lag behind in development. It really doesn’t make any sense, considering that hearing is indeed one of our primary senses, and the very nature of the phone boils down to vocal communication. The Amp iPhone case utilizes an advanced audio engine and two hiqh-quality speakers that deliver audio – whether it’s a person’s voice, music, or whatever else – much more clearly than through the standard iPhone sound system.

What’s most unique about Amp is its ability to tailor the quality of the audio to your individual hearing pattern and listening preferences, as well as adapting to the environment in which you’re located. This means that calls taken in crowded coffeeshops no longer seem unintelligible (goodbye to the days of “Sorry, could you repeat that?”). And what’s great about Amp is it also improves the audio output for headphones plugged into the jack. With its noise-reducing pre-amp, your old headphones essentially turn into noise-cancelling machines.

The Amp case can be pre-ordered now for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and will begin shipping in the spring of 2015. Cases come in either black or white. Remember, you have until the end of today to take advantage of the half-off offer. You’ve got people like Alexis Ohanian taking advantage of it, so why aren’t you?

Read more about SoundFocus’s Amp case on their site. 

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