Who is Southeastern Virginia’s Startup of the Year? [Poll]

August 18, 2015

8:00 pm

Our community startup competitions are some of the most interesting places to meet the startups, founders, and innovators in your local tech ecosystem. For founders, pitching at a Tech Cocktail event gives you the experience to hone your people skills and answer questions about your product. The people you meet at these events might be your next customer, employee, cofounder, developer, investor, or… your next cheerleader. And startups need cheerleaders. Spreading the word about a product we’ve heard about is one of the best ways to break through the noise and get those crucial early adopters.

Next Thursday, August 27th, come join us at the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton as the community gathers at the Southeastern Virginia Startup of the Year Competition & Mixer to elect the region’s top startups. This event is being held in conjunction with the ICE Event. Join sponsors National Institute of Aerospace (Peninsula Incubator) and the City of Hampton, VA in supporting the startup innovation all around Southeastern Virginia!


Two of these startups will qualify for the semifinals at Celebrate 2015. The startups who demo and pitch at Celebrate 2015 will be eligible for several prizes, whether they make the final rounds or not! We have invited directors of major startup accelerators to select their favorite startups from the demos to extend an invitation to the next cohort of their program! And, CEA will be looking for the best consumer electronic startup at Celebrate 2015 to extend a prize package to demo at CES 2016 as well. So exciting!

The best startup that pitches live at the Southeastern Virginia event will be named the Best Pitch Winner, and the startup that receives the most votes in our reader’s poll will be named the Reader’s Choice Winner.

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So tell us: Who is Southeastern Virginia’s Startup of the Year?


Aesop Technologies LLC: Phone battery: 15% @ 3 p.m. and NEED to recharge your phone? Aesop Tech provides products to help eliminate chords and chaos in your life.

FeedbacK Enterprise, LLC: “Coach in a Smartphone” ~Collect review and share videos; Analyze motion online; and receive Instruction at your practice location.

FitBox365: FitBox has the capabilities of a full gym & is the latest innovated, light weight, efficient, portable exercise apparatus.

Hortus America: H.A. designs products for Therapeutic Horticulture to improve Quality of Life for seniors affected with cognitive or mobility limitations.

NASONI: NASONI’s Dual Purpose Faucet Fountain solves the everyday problem of rinsing after brushing your teeth. NASONI. Making life easier.

Netarus, LLC: Eliminate blind spots for operators and management on heavy equipment in construction, industrial, marine and transportation industries.

OverSea: We are building the first product ever that has the capability to prevent your boat from sinking know matter what you are doing or where u r.

Redono, LLC: Ocean Impossible- The more that play the more we pay.


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