I Made it, but Where the Heck did my Suitcase Go?

July 7, 2015

7:00 pm

Last September I took a flight path from Paris, France through Chicago to San Diego. I thought I would just knock it all out in one day because I really wanted to not travel all day back to back days. To say it was a long day is a gross understatement.

I had to not only change planes, but also airports in Chicago – I landed in O’Hare but had to fly out of Midway. If you’re familiar with Chicago you know it’s like a 45 minute ride between airports on a good day.

My flight was delayed a few hours leaving Paris so I was already nervous about making my connection: I had to clear customs, grab a taxi, get to Midway, get through security, and go to my gate. I was holding on by a thread, which was mercilessly cut when my suitcase didn’t show up in O’Hare. Did I make it back to San Diego that day? Yes, by the skin of my teeth. I didn’t, however, get my suitcase for another week and a half.

I was told it was in Buffalo, Miami, and one time that it had even been sent to the depths of Northern Canada. The truth was, nobody knew where it really was. When I eventually got it back I learned that it got lost because the print-out baggage tag they stuck on it had been inadvertently ripped off. Apparently it just sat in the Charles de Gaulle airport for seven days before being sent directly to San Diego.

It’s always a risk when you travel, but what if it wasn’t? Planet Traveler has built the Space Case 1 and launched it out on Kickstarter to make sure that travelers never have to worry about losing a suitcase again.

First and foremost it was built to be a solid suitcase, composed of polycarbonate – the lightest, most flexible, and most durable material on the market. However, the team also built the Space Case to alleviate that pitfall you get when you realize you have no idea where you suitcase is. To that end they’ve built in a global tracking system that shows you, on the partner app for both iOS and Android, where your suitcase is in the wide world.



That’s not the only issue travelers deal with though, so the team went above and beyond to integrate functions no suitcase has ever known:

  • Digital biometric lock: You can unlock your suitcase with your fingerprint
  • Digital weighing system: Know the precise weight of your suitcase before checking in at the counter
  • Power bank: Charge your phone and other devices seven times over with two external USB charging ports
  • Proximity sensor and anti-theft Alerts: Receive a text when your luggage arrives at the carousel or arm your case with an alarm to prevent theft
  • Bluetooth speakerphone: Listen to your favorite music in your hotel with a high quality speaker system.

It’s an epic idea, right? I know you’re thinking it because there are over 1,000 backers on the Kickstarter page who do. Planet Traveler was looking for $50,000 to fund the Space Case, and with eight days left on the clock they’ve already popped the champagne: their total funding is at $550,361.

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