Spain’s ViClone Closes 1M Euro Funding Round, Emerges from Beta

July 18, 2013

3:16 pm

Barcelona-based ViClone is having a big week. The startup’s new product, viCloning, just closed its second round of funding of 1M Euros from the Spanish Government, and is emerging from a beta phase that yielded crucial information for the company as they move forward.

ViClone created an affordable, intelligent virtual agent and customer service optimization solution that doesn’t require IT skills to set up and maintain. So, if your company relies on online customer service and support, but you need great service that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, viCloning might be the way to go.

“For the enterprise, the future has been here for a long time,” says Alex Malov, CEO of ViClone. “However, highly interactive self-service solutions like virtual agents were too expensive and complex for SMEs to take advantage off.”

Malov believes SMEs, or the “little guys,” are always at a disadvantage when it comes to using old paradigms, and he has a problem with this. “We leveled the playing field by commoditizing the virtual agent technology, making it easy to configure, use and deploy,” he says, “So that many of you here, and millions of small businesses around the world, can scale beyond time, location and size limitations.”

ViClone’s successful beta phase provided the company with information that only hands-on, real life experience can.

“We’ve had over 200 SMBs sign up during the beta period and received substantial feedback on how to improve the service, what needs to be changed and added,” Malov says. “Some of this feedback actually pushed the release back a few weeks, but I think we are launching a paid version of a much better product that it was before. Something that will really help companies and a solution that we can be proud of.”

viCloning uses a natural language engine to understand the meaning of the question. It is the first intelligent virtual agent with automatic self-learning and a user-friendly, proactive trainer. In fact, viCloning can support more than 35 languages ensuring that no matter what language a customer speaks, it will be understood.

“The questions customers ask, and how they ask them, are an invaluable insight,” says Malov. “viCloning provides real-time comprehensive analysis and customer intelligence tools which allow companies to understand their customers better than ever before.”

“viCloning is incredibly scalable and can easily grow with companies as they transform from a humble startup to a large corporation,” says Malov. So, even if you are just starting up, there are solutions out there to help you treat your customers as any successful business should. There are plenty of people out there, too, who are rooting for the little guy, and Malov is certainly one of them.


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