Splash Drone, Waterproof Drone, Surpassed Goal on Kickstarter

April 6, 2015

4:00 pm

A South Florida-based company is making a splash on Kickstarter with its new waterproof drone. The Splash Drone is a quad copter capable of landing and floating on water. The company behind the drone, Urban Drones, has raised more than $240,000, more than the original pledge goal of $17,500.

“While there are plenty of companies that develop and manufacture drones, few focus on waterproof drones,” said Ryan Perez, co-founder of Urban Drones, to The Miami Herald. “Given our location and proximity to the water, this niche seemed like a natural fit. Thus the idea of the Splash Drone was born.”

If you’re looking to take pictures of your kayak trips, or you just want to have an adequate emergency device on your boat, Splash Drone has various features that can keep you cover…on water. No one wants to have to worry about your drone falling on a lake if the battery dies (Watch this guy rush into the cold water to save his drone).



“The Splash Drone is the first iteration of a range of waterproof drones we will bring to market over the course of the next 18 months,” said Perez to Nancy Dahlberg. “Our goal is to expand the use and capabilities of drones.”

The Splash Drone comes in two versions, traditional remote control or app based control to unlock its autonomous features:

Standard Remote Control Version: Allows you to fly in GPS assisted mode, attitude mode, or hover over one position to capture your action. It also has return to launch location and automatically lands at the flip of a switch.

App based Control: Your Android device allows you to use the Splash Drone’s autonomous features with an app that lets your fly a mission on a set path of activate the Follow Me mode.

The campaign will end April 8th, but with a growing demand for durable drones, Urban Drones plans to continue building waterproof drones. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

Image Credit: Don McCullough on Flickr.


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