On Your Mark, Get Set, Photo! Sports Photos’ Platform for Sports Photographers

May 11, 2013

10:00 am

Brandon Schatz is on a mission to provide an organized platform dedicated to sports photographers and their photos with his website, Sports Photos.

“Back in the day when I was playing sports, I remember seeing tons of sports photographers, but I always wondered where their photos ended up,” a nostalgic Schatz explains.

The idea is to build an enormous archive of properly categorized and organized sports photos so photographers can easily market themselves and athletes can enjoy their triumphs. Sports photographers of any level are welcome to create a profile and post their photos.

Traditionally, sports photos are spread widely across the Internet and are often lost. It can be difficult for parents, fans, players, and participants to track down an independent photographer. Not to mention it is hard for the photographer to actually get any publicity.

Sports Photos connects all relevant data, such as organization, photographer, sport, and team, and connects the galleries themselves to this data. With a dedicated platform like this, photographers can be confident that their photos will be found by interested athletes and potential buyers.

“Sports photographers are the content producers for us,” says Schatz. “In a sense, it is almost like we are crowdsourcing our photos.”

Photographers have to pay a yearly fee to list photos on other galleries, and then another percentage for each sale on top of that. Sports Photos offers these artists a free canvas, so to speak, and even gives them a commission for their photos.

Imagine you are a photographer and you want to shoot a track and field event. There are a lot of affiliates at track and field events; let us say there are 14 school teams there. Since Sports Photos is free to upload, you can upload 14 teams’ worth of photos, no sweat.

That means fourteen schools are tied to your personal page, you are featured on fourteen other public pages, and you have created fourteen possible new streams of revenue (at a bare minimum). From Schatz’s point of view, that is fourteen more outlets for advertising his own brand.

“Photographers are all doing their own thing right now,” says Schatz. “What I am doing is presenting them an opportunity to work together. Everybody wins.”

Schatz has positioned himself well in terms of handling large events, like the popular color runs across America. March was the month Sports Photos broke the one thousand registered users mark, April alone generated 490,000 page views, and May 5th marked six thousand registered users in total. Perhaps the popularity is due in part to the philosophy behind Schatz’s vision.

“We are a platform, not a photography company,” he explains. “We do this so we can provide a service and show off the skills of talented photographers and athletes alike.”

Sports Photos was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Kansas City Mixer & Startup Showcase on May 7th.


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