For Spotlight Users, Nothing Beats a Fun Challenge

July 7, 2015

10:00 am

Don’t you love competing against your friends? Maybe it’s just me, but nothing beats a good board game, card game, or even trivia match against them – it’s always a blast, we laugh a lot, but we all play to win. After all, there’s nothing worse than losing to your friends.

Well, I recently found out about an app for iOS and Android, Spotlight, which lets you compete directly against your friends across a broad range of categories on social media. For example, you could have a contest to see who can write a better status update on Facebook and then gauge the winner based on whoever got more total ‘likes’.

At the end of a specific contest the winners will get rewards on the Spotlight platform, not only the glory and bragging rights that comes with the W. There’s also a well thought out social community of people that you can share your stories and photographs with which also earns you contest points – or publicly rub your win in your friends’ faces if you’re so inclined.

Let’s call it what it is though: Spotlight is a mobile promotions platform. In order to be successful with that industry you absolutely have to build partnerships with popular names, which fortunately Spotlight has been doing. They recently launched two new campaigns sponsored by Duke & Winston – the popular clothing brand, and David Hickey – the famous photographer.

Now, in order to attract said talent, they had to have the data that proves partnering with Spotlight is worth the time and effort. According to the team, their campaigns actually have higher visitor retention and engagement rates, increased click throughs, and increased conversions over ecommerce transactions.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to gain the attention of online customers and, ultimately, welcome these audiences to experience our merchandise. When we learned of Spotlight’s mobile promotional platform, we thought it was a perfect fit for Duke & Winston,” says CEO of Duke & Winston Seun Olubodun.

Each respective challenge campaign for the two will offer users the opportunity to win Duke & Winston clothing or a modeling photo shoot by David Hickey. Winners of the grand prizes will be determined by who gets the most ‘likes’ on their social media posts that include either the #DukeDogs or #DavidHickey hashtag.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the beautiful images submitted in this month’s Art Spotlight Contest,” says Hickey. “I will be looking for images that capture the essence and beauty of the women submitting. I want images that are beauty leading and the more natural the better. Have fun!”

These two partners chose to use Spotlight for a lot of reasons, chief among them the fact that it uses smartphones, features user generated content, and leverages social media. What that translates into is publicity.

“Each partner has their own unique audience and our platform allows entrants to speak directly to their communities and personally invite them to like their photo and comments about why they want to win the grand, secondary and random-drawing prizes,” says Kevin Brophy, CEO of Spotlight. “At the same time, the promotion increases the awareness about each brand and gives each partner the opportunity to benefit from the cross- promotion and communication from the challenges.”

Spotlight is the first product offering from VUID, a company that prides itself on building consumer products that motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential. This flagship offering, as the team tells me, will revolutionize the relationship between brands and consumers.

Image Credit: pixabay

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