4 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Tech Situation

May 12, 2016

8:00 am

With dozens of tech products being released on the market, you may be thinking about purchasing something new for your startup. And while it might feel great to have the hottest innovations in your office, now is a great time to think about spring cleaning your tech situation. Whether you are in the office or at home, you can make some extra cash off of products you don’t need.

Read on if you want to know the newest and most innovative ways to sell your old tech and how to evaluate the pros and cons of the all-time favorites.

Set The Right Price

The key to getting people to notice your tech for sale is to keep the price reasonable. Too low and people think its cheap. Too high and people are going to avoid your tech like the plague. You have to find the middle ground that will draw in customers.

Your first option is to check out sites like eBay, Craigslist and Amazon to inspect how much your device is selling for. Remember, prices will differ depending on the condition of the device. Do your research and find a price that you are comfortable with. Some sites cost money to list, so don’t put the asking price too high in case it doesn’t sell.

You can also use a price comparison site to show you exactly what gadget recyclers are offering for your device – you’ll be surprised how much this can differ. Gadget recycling comparison sites will browse the market for you and show you a whole list of prices all in one place. You can usually select the condition your device is in, along with what network it is on.

Pick A Buyer

Picking your method of selling your device is completely up to you, and each option has pros and cons. It’s all about finding a balance of ease, and getting a good price. It’s also good to consider which marketplace will accept your old tech in bulk, for example if you have a bunch of old company mobiles to get rid of.


Amazon will buy your old phone in return for an Amazon voucher. If you’re a diehard tech fan then this could be ideal – it means your next big purchase is paid for (if you can get it from Amazon). If you’re looking at getting an iPad Pro for the office, this could be a good option! The shopping giant not only accepts phones, but also cameras, tablets, wearables and even DVDs.


Gazelle and uSell and will find you top prices for your old phone, and will manage the sale themselves. You can ship your phone for free and receive money within 5 days of them receiving your device. You can also purchase good quality used phones via these sites.


Glyde is similar concept to uSell and Gazelle, but it allows you to sell person-to-person in a trusted market place. The site pitches itself as a one-stop shop for your selling needs, by pairing buyers with sellers. The site also has an iPhone upgrade tool, which will tell you how much you can buy the new iPhone for, and how much your old one will sell for!

Phone Recyclers

There are actually hundreds of companies, like CompareMyMobile, who will buy your phone from you for good money, and recycle it by refurbing it and selling it. These usually offer good prices and will provide you with free postage methods. Simply Google ‘recycle my phone’ and you can find hundreds of companies!


Believe it or not, Facebook can be an easy way to sell gadgets quickly. One way to do it is to join local buy & sell groups and simply post an asking price and picture of the device. Plus, it never hurts to post a photo of your device for your friends to start a bidding war over.


Apple’s trade-in scheme will offer you an Apple gift card for every Apple device you trade in. The amount on your gift card will vary with the condition of your device, and which model it is. You can then send your device off with the pre-paid packaging option and wait for your gift card.


Prepare To Send

Once you’ve picked your method of sale, you’ll want to make sure you are completely ready to depart with your phone. You’ll want to make sure you back-up your photos, contacts, music, app data and any other information which you want to transfer to your new phone or keep.

You also need to erase important data from your phone. The best way to ensure data is properly erased from your phone is to perform a factory reset – then reload fake data onto the phone, and factory re-set it again. This should overwrite any traces of real data and will make it twice as safe to sell! Also remember to log out of any social accounts and mail boxes.

Ship Your Device

The last thing you need to finish your spring cleaning adventure is for your device to turn up damaged. The safest way to ship your device is in bubble-wrap within a cardboard box so nobody can guess what’s inside. Also – don’t be stingy on postage costs. It’s always best to pay a few quid more and get a tracking code and insurance so you can make sure your package arrives safely. If it does’t arrive, you won’t get paid, so it’s best to take precautions when it comes to spring cleaning.

Photo: Flickr / Dave Reed

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