Tech.Co Spring Gadget Guide: Entertainment

March 31, 2016

2:37 pm

Whether you are enjoying the great outdoors on a perfect spring evening or grilling with friends, having the right music and ambiance helps set the tone. From portable speakers that pack a punch – and can even take a few – to color changing lights, there are a lot of ways to adjust the mood.

For an evening with friends, dimmed natural lighting and the right Spotify playlist can shift into an upbeat after-hours dance party, or – for more casual gatherings – there are even more creative gadgets. One in particular, the Bug-A-Salt, is the strange mixture of a fly swatter, table salt, and toy gun. One may question how defeating your local fly population may be considered entertaining, so we spoke with their founder, Lorenzo Maggiore, to find out why.

Why should someone use this versus a standard bug zapper or spray?

Maggiore: First off it’s thrilling to hunt for flies like they are prey. Revenge is sweet. On the more serious side, it’s non-toxic and the fly remains whole for easy cleanup after you hit him. Once you master aiming the gun with the pop-up site, flies don’t stand a chance. If you really want a true challenge, you can shoot your prey right out of the air, which is the ultimate satisfaction for me as hunter.

How did the team initially come up with the idea for this?

Maggiore: It was a solo effort on my part. Killing flies is an obsession I’ve had since childhood. It started when I was 12 with me stuffing sand in my BB gun to kill flies off my parents picture window in the living room. I soon realized sand was not good around food. Then I switched to salt and have been on a mission to patent, manufacture, and share my fun with the world.

Top Entertainment Gadgets for 2016

The following entertainment gadgets are must haves for a successful BBQ party, hiking, or simply to enjoy the weekend.

Where to Find The Gadgets

JBL Flip 3

Jam Street(TM) Rugged Portable Speaker

House of Marley Chat Sport Portable Speaker

Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds(TM) Wireless Earbuds

MiPow Garden Playbulb

MiPow Light Strip


Omni S2 Rechargeable by Polk Audio

Swimmer Duo by Polk BOOM

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