Squirl.Co Connects the Real World to Your Favorite Books [Video]

March 24, 2015

8:00 pm

Squirl.Co wants to change how book lovers experience their favorite books. The Houston-based startup created a location-based app that brings readers to the existing sites of novels they’ve read, giving them a new perspective on their favorite stories. For writers, Squirl is a great tool to create engagement with readers. By including their novels in the app writers have a unique opportunity to share a story. 

How the app works is easy: After users create their literary profiles on Squirl, book excerpts pertaining to physical landmarks and other locations will pop up on their smartphones when they are close to actual places. Be it a classic or contemporary novel, both publishers and authors are able to add locations to the app.

“Independent writers have a difficult time connecting with readers. Squirl is a great way for us to support these writers,” explained Jef van der Avoort of Squirl, who c0-created the app because he is an avid reader himself.

Users can also link their books to local bookstores, in case someone needs suggestions on where to find the book immediately. This feature particularly supports local stores, many who have to compete with online retailers like Amazon. Things like one click ordering and a large number of other products mean far more people are purchasing books online. Many bookstores have struggled stay open in the last few years.


During this year’s SXSW, attendees were delighted to interact with the squirrels that Squirl.co had placed along city sidewalks, walking around Austin while reading books written by local authors. A fun way to promote both the app but also support local literary community. Hear more about Squirl:



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