Srvd App is Improving the Social Drinking Experience

May 15, 2015

8:00 pm

Crowded bars are only fun if you’re already drunk. If you’ve just walked in the door and have yet to put back a single drop, you might be in for a long wait for that first drop. If you’re the bartender, you’re not having the greatest time either as you’re frantically trying to serve as many people as possible while at the same time trying to piss off as few people as possible. Besides the patrons and the bartenders, there’s another loser in this scenario: the alcohol brands. If you’re not able to order, the brands aren’t getting sold. No matter how well a brand markets, if the bar is doing a poor job of pushing out the product, the brand ultimately loses.

A Pittsburgh startup is trying to enhance the experience for all of the above-mentioned parties. They’ve created an app called Srvd which allows you to order drinks from the app, which saves time, frustration, and makes for happier customers, happier servers, and happier marketers. Srvd also qualified as the Reader’s Choice winner at Tech Cocktail’s Pittsburgh Startup of the Year competition.

What problems are you trying to solve?

  1. Alcohol Brand Ineffective Marketing – Alcohol brands spend $5+ billion per year on marketing in the US (e.g. television, in-store display, their brand of alcohol appearing on the cocktail list/tap handle) but efforts are poorly targeted and don’t deliver ROI (same problem as the broader consumer product industry).
  2. Bars / Nightclub Lost Revenue – 15-20% lost revenue due to not serving as many drinks as possible during peak time because of time spent processing payments (~40-70% of time to serve) This leads to annoyed patrons and a high-rate of “annoyed wait time” for patrons during peak-time
  3. Social Drinking Experience – There are currently limited unique ways to enhance social drinking experience.

How does Srvd work?

  1. Order – Choose the bar you’re currently at and order your drink just how you like it, all without having to get the busy bartender’s attention.
  2. Pay – Don’t worry about opening or closing your tab. Srvd processes your payment in the app, while earning you valuable loyalty rewards.
  3. Drink – When your drink is ready, you’ll get a notification to pick it up from the designated Srvd VIP area at the bar. Quick, easy and painless!

The app is currently pre-launch, but you can sign up for it here to be one of the first to experience it.

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