Starbucks Breaks Up With AT&T WiFi, Starts Dating Google

August 1, 2013

10:00 pm

Yesterday, Starbucks announced that they will be dropping AT&T as their free WiFi provider and will instead start a partnership with Google. Starting this month and continuing over the next 18 months, Google will work to roll out their service to the 7,000 Starbucks locations nationwide.

At the present moment, Google is promising up to 10 times faster connectivity speeds at Starbucks locations. Should you happen to live in a Google Fiber city – Kansas City and soon Provo, UT, and Austin, TX – you will see speeds up to 100 times faster.

“The coffee shop and Internet is a pairing that many of us have come to rely on,” says Kevin Lo, general manager of Google Access, in his blog post. “The free Internet connection at Starbucks has become an important part of many communities over the years, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, or for students without Internet at home who do their homework at Starbucks.”

Following a long chain of Google innovations like Project Loon and Chromecast, this partnership with Starbucks is further proof that Google will not accept mediocrity and seeks to challenge the status quo. Google will not stop until they have achieved their goal to make the Internet speedier, more widely available, and more affordable.

For now, it appears that Starbucks’ other deals with Apple, print newspapers, and Marvel Comics, will remain unchanged. All you have to do at this point is keep your eyes peeled for that “Google Starbucks” SSID.

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