Starting a Blog? Make it Stand Out!

May 31, 2015

8:00 am

The Internet is huge – even though it weighs only 50g. Two years ago, stats indicated that there were over 152,000,000 blogs out there, a number that has surely increased since. This means that, for someone creating a blog today, it will be very hard to create something entirely new, or even to stand out from other blogs.

Still, it is possible to be different. Having a “different blog” means that a blog is not the same as many others – means a blog having a different identity, going its own way, a blog that is memorable. This translates in visitors that will return to the blog, word of mouth advertising, faithful readers, features in the blogosphere, incoming links, and so on. But how can this be achieved?


It has been thoroughly repeated, but it is never too much: the layout is the face of any site or blog. If it uses a standard layout, or the same template like millions of other blogs, that is the first step to fall into the bloghosphere oblivion. There are many free templates for each blogging platform which, along with a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge, should be more than enough to give a blog a unique look. Also, simplicity and user-friendlessness can sometimes be the key.

Writing style

No two people are the same, which is also true for their writing style. It can be hard to find one’s writing style, but it is important. Otherwise, writers fall into a traditional and boring style, which only describes facts, people and things, without a personal touch. The most memorable blogs are the ones with an unmistakable style, where people see a piece of text and know where it came from.


If “content is king”, then personality is the queen. If a blog expresses the author’s personality, his way of being and thinking, readers will surely feel more pleasure in reading and are more likely to pay attention to what is written. This is one of the biggest differences a blog can have.


Amid the sea of bad content lying in the blogosphere, quality is surely yet another way to differentiate a blog. Also, quality is a concept that can be applied to any blog, regardless of the niche(s) it covers. Quality means having great content, with a nice presentation, pleasant visuals, respect for the readers, attention for grammar and spelling, among other things.


With the amount of blogs existing today, it is easy to find the same news or idea repeated to exhaustion in thousands of blogs, and without having to look for a long time. The challenge here is to find new ideas, different angles and new issues. If a writer is part of the faction that creates just a little bit of new and innovative contents, then that blog is on the right track to stand out.

Do you have any other tips in order to make a blog stand out? Let us know in the comments.

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