Kickstarter Launched for Startupland, a New Startup Documentary Series

June 25, 2013

9:23 am

Today, Justin Gutwein launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 for his startup documentary series Startupland, which follows five Fortify Ventures startups through their accelerator journey.

Gutwein plans to premiere the six-episode series in the fall, starring DC-based LegCyte, RidePost, SNOBSWAP, TrendPo, and The Trip Tribe.

The goal for this project is to show the reality of startup life – the startup life of hashtags (“Another 12-hour day #startuplife”), the startup life that mentors warn you about, and the startup life that entices more and more young people every year.

Gutwein says that reality shows like Start-Ups: Silicon Valley aren’t authentic to that reality. Startup life isn’t all fun and excitement, all ping pong playing and beer drinking and raising millions of dollars. It’s risky. And it requires a day-to-day determination and perseverance that you don’t see on narrow shows like Shark Tank.

“Inspiration is really the one word that this whole project could be boiled down to: it’s all about inspiring current and future entrepreneurs,” says Gutwein, who filmed and produced The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creating Innovators. “Conflict happens – there’s never a story without conflict – but it’s not overly dramatic, unnecessary conflict.”

In January, Gutwein installed himself as a “permanent fly on the wall” in the Fortify offices. With eight years of experience making films for startups, including a few Startup Weekend documentaries, he’s learned how to capture footage without disturbing the teams. He followed the five startups through their pivots, mentor meetings, and fundraising efforts, culminating in demo day.

Gutwein has already crafted storylines and done rough editing, and he’d use the Kickstarter money for graphics, animation, and a custom soundtrack.

The series should be available online in the fall for around $25.

Startup documentary

Startup documentary

Startup documentary

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