5 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Startup Environment

July 3, 2015

2:00 pm

While startup life is a popular and fun work life, it isn’t something for everyone. Startup life is a lot more demanding on its workforce with its tighter schedules and resource constraints. Making the most of every minute, while avoiding burning out in the process, is what startup people have to face on a daily basis.

Getting a lot done in the limited available time and resources requires some productivity hacks that every startup person must be aware of. Making the most of every minute of your work time, while keeping oneself in good condition is how one gets more productive in their environment.

Plan your day ahead and have to-do lists

Planning your daily activities beforehand saves you a lot of your time and efforts figuring out what to do on any given day. To-do lists make a great case for handling daily activities and must be made into a habit to plan ahead for the day. Working on things randomly doesn’t bode well in a startup and prioritizing tasks is essential, to which to-do lists would help you organize daily tasks better.

Do not multitask

While it is a commonly accepted notion of Move Fast, break things in a startup environment, hustle doesn’t always mean multitasking. Focus your entire concentration on the work at hand and tackle situations one at a time. Multitask only causes your attention span to wane off over the day and make you more unproductive. Focus on the here-and-now to avoid multitasking making your work significantly unproductive.

Make use of tools and kill the Email

Email is one of the most distracting tools that have ever been built! Yes, everyone’s life pretty much is associated with Emails on a daily basis, but don’t let that trick you into believing that no suitable alternatives are available. Email is one of the key reasons for distraction in work environments and it could be easily replaced with better Project management software, which improves team productivity through collaboration and better internal communications.

Disable notifications

Do you know why we are usually more productive while flying in an aircraft? People often report that they get the most productive while flying in an aircraft, because they are tied to their seats and it keeps their focus in check. We are often subject to endless stream of notifications from Emails, IMs, Voice-mails, etc., that we lack the kind of focus needed to be productive in our work. Disable all kinds of notifications while you work, and focus just on the task at hand. Use your breaks to catch up with your notifications.

Take breaks. Get off your desk

A Start-up environment being so demanding on its workforce provides them with ways to chill out and get power breaks. The environment is usually joyous and fun is always in the air around. Make the most of it and take breaks in between. Get off your desk and have some talk or play some kind of fun games available at your Start-up. Burning out could be dangerous and breaks at regular intervals is a great way to keep yourself in check.

So, what do you think about these tips for improving your productivity in a startup environment? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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