This Startup Making Dog Treats from Insects is Gaining Popularity on Reddit

December 2, 2014

2:30 pm

Disclaimer: I have never consumed dog food – just thought I’d mention that to let you know that I don’t know what dog treats taste like. I’m sure they taste fine, as all (right?) dog food can be consumed by humans, but I personally cannot judge the taste of different dog treats since I’ve never had them. But, I mean, my dog has, and I judge the worthiness of dog treats based on his responses. Hoping to approach dog treats in a more sustainable manner, EntoBento has created dog treats made from insects and, in the last day alone, Reddit community has steadily grown to give them props.

“The majority of western cultures do not currently eat bugs but they might be willing to feed it to their dogs,” reads the post from one of the cofounders on Reddit. “Especially if it is the same quality protein and has that big of impact on the environment. So here we are!”

Posted just yesterday to the r/Entrepreneur subreddit, EntoBento has quickly risen to the top of this week’s posts. Presumably some of this popularity results from a call to action to vote for their idea in UP Global’s Global Startup Battle, but of course inherent in this is a genuine interest in the startup’s product and idea. The startup replaces traditional meat found dog treats with mealworm flour (made from…well…mealworms). Not only do mealworms contain more protein that chicken and fish and twice the calcium of most meats, but the potential production value from the adoption of their product could result in reduced water consumption – typical dog food, according to the company, requires approximately 1,700 gallons of water per pound in order to raise the animals and produce the food, while mealworms only require a paltry 10 gallons per pound.

EntoBento is currently second place in UP Global’s Global Startup Battle, with fewer than 100 votes behind ConceptKicker, a company that aims to help turning 2D art concepts into real-world 3D models. Competing in the competition’s Champions track, the newly-formed company (well, not officially, as they were literally created over the weekend as part of the Global Startup Battle) has the opportunity to win several prizes, including a chance to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan and 6 months of office space. By the time the voting period ends, it’s possible that EntoBento can actually win this, especially considering its increasing popularity in communities like Reddit.

Responses to EntoBento’s insect-based dog treats from the Reddit community have been overwhelmingly positive. Going through the commentary on the post, Redditors not only provide them with feedback on their product, but give valuable feedback on starting up – advice that surely can be utilized by other new startups. And it seems that the company has taken into account most if not all of the safety and regulatory concerns that could hold back its potential, with definite commitment to ensuring that it improves upon or works on the concerns being brought on by members of the Reddit community. Even if EntoBento doesn’t take home first prize, the feedback from Redditors is invaluable and can help them become independently successful regardless of the outcome of UP Global’s Global Startup Battle.

Learn more about EntoBento and consider voting for them in UP Global’s Global Startup Battle




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