A Startup Partnership Made for the Sky

January 30, 2015

11:00 am

Fashion and airlines – not a likely partnership. As two of the world’s biggest industries, they are both seen as luxuries not necessities, but just wait till you hear this story.

Need & Rise: Individually

The men’s fashion industry is a $160 million dollar industry – however, men hate shopping. It’s not because they don’t like fighting crowds or don’t have the financial resources to do so, they just don’t know what to wear. Matt Alexander was out to fix this. In November 2013, Matt created Need Edition in Dallas: a curated men’s shopping experience which adds a story behind clothing, providing limited options, and, as he says, “doing one thing exceptional well”. Need Edition sky-rocketed. Today, just past its one year mark, Need has over 300,000 members and sells out constantly. Need also co-presented at New York Fashion Week with Cadillac, and the brand is launching the second Edition concept shortly.

At the same time across town, Nick Kennedy was jet-lagged after flying two million miles that year. He missed multiple family events, experienced every kind of delay possible, and longed to own a private plane after getting a taste of one earlier that year. But let’s be frank; who has $32 million to offload on a private jet (not to mention another million for fuel). Regardless, Nick knew there had to be an affordable and convenient option for commuters like him. So in 2014, Rise came to life. Rise is an air travel membership company. Nick describes it as “the democratization of private air travel”. Members have the ability to go where they want, when they want, with Rise’s proprietary membership technology tool. Rise also offers private plane perks like valet and no security lines. Rise operates from Love Field in Dallas. They will be able to fly within Texas starting in mid-February, and have hopes to expand beyond the state within the next year.

Need & Rise: Together

At the end of 2014, Matt met Nick through Trey Bowles, CEO of The DEC. Trey knew the two should not just know each other but work with one another. Making the connection that both companies revolve around time and luxury, he knew something could come of it.

After many Happy Hour sessions, meetings, and endless laughter – Matt is British and Nick likes to point this out – they arrived at the answer. By partnering, the two companies could offer a true luxury experience all around. In December 2014, the two startups announced a partnership. From travel kits to insider perks, Need will make sure all Rise clients feel that private plane experience at home and while in flight.

So there you have it: fashion and airlines – a likely partnership.

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