Startup Spotlight: Baby Snaps, Waste Not and Helping the Visually Impaired

September 15, 2017

1:30 pm

Rolling into the the Fall, people will be enjoying what’s left of the nice weather before the winter hits. And that means outdoor activities, going out on the town and travel. This week on Startup Spotlight, we’ve found startup products that help parents capture little moments of their child’s life, are working with restaurants to reduce food waste and built a wearable that helps the visually impaired community.

BabySnap (Menlo Park, CA)


For parents that want to capture their child’s every move, this new app BabySnap will help you grab one-second snapshots every day. After a series of snaps, parents can turn these moments into a mini movie. While you might think other social media platforms do the same thing, the difference is that these movies can be private and secure only to the people you want to share those moments with. Users can invite family members to the snaps, and for the movies, parents can set a data range to make a movie with one tap. In the end, you’ll have a timelapse of your child’s growth one snap at a time. The app is currently available on iOS.

Winnow (London, UK)

incubators company employees

According to WRAP, on average hospitality businesses waste ¼ of the food they purchase. Winnow, a food waste monitoring system, works with restaurants to cut down on their waste and have shown to reduce waste by 65 percent with some of their large clients. The platform helps managers monitor food waste and identify why and where the waste occurs. To help track the waste, restaurant staff stop by the system, place the dish on a smart weighing machine and click on the food that was wasted – the whole thing takes 3 seconds to complete. The system will provide both real-time and regular reporting on transparent and measurable data, so restaurants can reduce waste and manage food supply.

Sunu (Boston, MA)

Helping visually impaired maneuver throughout their daily life and on the streets is the goal for this company. Their Sunu band is a smartband that helps people improve their navigation by using sonar and echolocation to inform them about objects or obstacles within their environment. The band emits a high-frequency sound wave that bounces off objects that the user encounters. The resulting vibratory pattern changes depending on how close or far away the object is to the user. Sunu band augments awareness of the user’s personal space, reduces unwanted accidents and ultimately improves confidence while providing a more fluid and enjoyable mobility. Users can pair the band with a walking device or guide dog to heighten awareness.

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