Startup Spotlight: Dreams, Special Needs Toy and Tracking Mentions

July 21, 2017

1:30 pm

Summer is the perfect time to play a game of basketball. This week, we found technology that keeps your head in the game and tracks your movement on court, an application that finds and tracks news about your business, an interactive robot designed for children with special needs, and more. It’s all part of our weekly Startup Spotlight series that features five of the latest and greatest innovative ideas in tech.

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Shottracker (Merriam, KS)

We first came across Shottracker when we heard about their partnership with NBA star Klay Thompson. Shottracker tracks a team’s movement on the court through a system of sensors, including a wearable on each player’s shoe. Data from the game is delivered to smart devices wirelessly and instantly. The Shottracker program quickly produces box scores, shot charts, optimal line-ups, possession stats, live action play, and automated practice reports.

Coaches use stats and data everyday and Shottracker streamlines the process to make it more efficient and visual. It allows coaches to see what all ten players are doing at once. It also helps reinforce trust between the coach and the player because the information is factual, accurate and collected by an unbiased source. Best of all, Shottracker is affordable for teams at every level of play.

VECTOR (Houston, TX)

Organizing clippings about a company can be one of the most time-consuming tasks, and unless you have an intern, it’s usually on the backburner. Cut out the busy work with Vector, a natural language processing application that performs information extraction on millions of news stories per day. The program determines the sentiment behind a mention of your business and summarizes the text so that you can quickly sort through the articles. Conduct a faceted news search by applying multiple filters.

Vector combines the most powerful and unique faceted search in the business with collaborative-authoring workflow. Saved searches and messaging make it easier for team members to collaborate. Vector has been used to assist quantitative researchers in technology, finance, academia, biostatistics, law, healthcare, as well as entertainment and media. It also aids economists, traders, scientists, and executives predict market price movements.

Leka (France)

Leka is an interactive robot companion designed for children with special needs, such as autism and other developmental disabilities. It is an interactive and multi-sensory smart toy that teaches through fun and educational games. Games and robots have shown great potential to help children with communication and social interaction. Leka motivates social interactions that increase motor, cognitive, and emotional skills—and stimulate autonomy. Most importantly, Leka was developed hand-in-hand with parents, therapists, and caregivers to aid in a variety of settings, from the office, schools, to home.

LocalBlip (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

LocalBlip is a free marketing platform for small businesses where consumers can find great deals. Merchants join and post discounts to the site. Consumers simply enter their state or postal code to find offers near them, it might even inspire them to try someplace new. LocalBlip was founded with intent to support small business. Their name comes from their core belief that: we are stronger as a community than individuals. The app is available on iOS or Android.

Aurora (San Diego, CA)

Have you ever been asleep and realized you were dreaming? Chances are, after that realization, you also realized that you had better control over the dream. This phenomena is called lucid dreaming, and this iWinks wearable is here to help you do just that.

Aurora is a headband that helps people lucid dream by tracking brain activity through biosensors known as electroencephalography sensors. Over time, Aurora learns your sleep cycle. Once you’ve practiced enough, Aurora will emit a customizable light or audio cue during your REM cycle because human beings are responsive to external stimuli when they sleep. The cue alerts the wearer they are dreaming, and this awareness will cause them to be able to control their dreams. One of the engineers behind the headband calls this gamifying a dream.

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