Startup Spotlight: Smart Music Remote, Solid Sleep and On-Demand Handymen

June 30, 2017

1:30 pm

Each week, Tech.Co searches the web and features five startups with tech products or services that come in handy. This week, we looked for apps to give you peace of mind because warm summer nights are the time to unwind. Open a bottle of Chardonnay and take a load off because we found a smart music remote, tech gear that ensures a good night’s sleep, an online sommelier, and more.


Flipp, will change the way you control music. This handheld smart remote has two sides, one for volume and one for songs and playlists. On the volume side, simply rotate the disk to adjust the levels. Then flip it over and you can skip through songs by rotating the disk. If you press and rotate at the same time you can move through your playlists. By clicking on Flipp is will play/pause no matter what side you are on.

Flipp is compatible with all Sonos and Spotify enabled speakers and offers a subtle way to control your music in a social setting. Flipp doesn’t rely on your phone to switch the music nor requires passwords, meaning, anyone can pick it up and start the music. They launched their Kickstarter campaign with an estimated delivery of November 2017. You can back this project here.


Imagine a video library of cookbooks at your fingertips and you’ve got Chowii. Their site and Android app is changing the way you plan a meal. Chowii lets users search recipes by their ingredients, find short video recipes and share them through social media.

But how does Chowii choose the most popular video recipes for the week? They compile recipes from Food Network, Spoon University, Tastemade and other well-known cooking sites so that you have more time for what’s really important—eating.


For those that don’t sleep well, the key is understanding that your body has natural sleep cadence dictated by the daily rhythms of the sun. The Circadia Sleep System is a NASA inspired, sleep tracker that monitors your sleep and syncs your circadian rhythm. The set has three parts: the therapy lamp, contactless sleep tracker and mobile app.

Studies have shown that artificial light affects natural sleep patterns. The therapy lamp prevents this by adjusting throughout the day to help you fall asleep at night. It can even be adjusted to give you a natural boost of energy—like coffee without the crash.

The contactless sleep tracker sits above your bed and monitors your sleep. It records data and sends it to the companion mobile app. The app compares the data to normal sleep patterns and alerts users when they are out of sync. Jet lag? Circadia can help! The app has a special setting to get you back on track to dreamland.


Are you in the Chicago-area? Because we’ve got a time-saver for you! Fixer is an on-demand handyman service that delivers service right to your door. There isn’t a lot of transparency when it comes to handyman services and pricing, and Fixer is aiming to fix that! They work for a flat hourly rate and get the job done as soon as possible.

Fixer can guarantee quality because they hire their staff full-time and provide continuing education and insurance. In this way, they are creating a path for gig economy workers. At the present, their services include walls and interiors, furniture, exteriors, plumbing, electrical work and bathrooms.

Fun fact: GrubHub cofounder Mike Evans is at it again, and the brain child behind Fixer. Read more about it here.


Bottlerocket is your new best friend/sommelier, they make finding the perfect pairing easy. On their website you can select different categories, like gifts, poultry or fish, and Bottlerocket will provide you with a list of wines that fit that occasion.

Already know what you’re looking for? Great, Bottlerocket has a list of criteria specific to wine. Just select your favorite flavors and Bottlerocket will do the rest. Best of all, they can ship to most states in the U.S.!

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