Startup Spotlight: Data Privacy, Smart Homes, and Streamline Your Work

September 22, 2017

12:20 pm

With the holidays on the horizon, creating a protective barrier around your home with smart technology might be a good way to go. Each week, TechCo features tech startups that can help your daily life. This week in Startup Spotlight, we found ones that can help protect your home, streamline your projects at work and a blockchain company that’s help users get paid for search.

Nuvro (Phoenix, AZ)

Nuvro is an online project and team management tool that helps you gain control and peace of mind over all of your projects, tasks and team. Features that help optimize your project include: a snapshot of the information you need to manage each project and all the people assigned to it, a detailed view of all the tasks, view your entire workload at once, the ability to share and discuss all files with the team, and in social media style, receive alerts from your team to keep you in the loop.

Nuvro also cuts down on the need to juggle multiple productivity apps and simplified it into one dashboard. The platform also has online notes, to do lists and a shared inbox to help facilitate collaboration.

Bitclave  (Mountain View, CA)

With more companies adopting blockchain more startups are emerging to build a bridge between customers and businesses. BitClave is the next generation of data privacy and uses blockchain to eliminate ad service middleman and create a direct connection between businesses and customers. Instead of companies being paid by advertisers for search data, you get paid from the company for taking an interest in their product or service. The company built a decentralized search engine that helps truly find what the person is looking for and get compensated for his data directly taken from the retailers they are interested in, making third-party advertising networks unnecessary and irrelevant ads a thing of the past.

Through their BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE), customers can control their identity, decide who has access to their data, and earn cryptocurrency each time businesses “use” their data to make them offers. Through this platform, businesses can serve personalized, relevant offers directly to users who are already expressing interest in their products and services, significantly increasing their return on advertising spending. The initial vision for the BASE is based on Ethereum technology—an open source, blockchain-based, distributed computing platform which utilizes smart contracts.

Mr. Beams (Cleveland, OH)

Using smart technology to create a protective barrier around one’s home is becoming more mainstream. Mr. Beams offers an affordable DIY line of battery powered, motion activated lights that come with an auto shut off and light sensor. The company will soon be releasing a connected product line that includes outdoor security spotlights, ceiling and closet lights, safety night lights and outdoor path lights, and more.

Customers will have complete control over their lights in terms of brightness, auto shut off, light sensor, alerts, etc. through the mobile app. What makes this product unique from other home security products on the market is that users will have the ability to change the shade of the light from bright to amber for sleep mode, and expand the coverage area from their phone.

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