9 Startups Created at Startup Weekend Delaware

September 15, 2011

2:05 pm

During this past weekend, more than 40 people tirelessly worked on 9 broad-ranging business concepts in the latest installment of the Startup Weekend event series.  A diverse mix of developers, designers, and biz types converged at the University of Delaware to crank out prototypes and pitch decks.   Below is an overview of the teams, including those that took home the prizes.

Winner: MoveeMonkee

MoveeMonkee’s goal is to help movie theaters fill their seats.  Hotels, airlines, and sports stadiums have all implemented yield optimization, but movie theaters are living in the past.  The team already spoke with local independent movie theaters, and they even have a promotion lined up to test the validity of the idea.

2nd Place: Kurbi

Kurbi is a mobile application that makes it easy for people living with MS to track their physical activity, manage their routines, and share their progress with friends and family.  The team was able to build a mobile app and test it during a real physical therapy session.

The projects below have landing pages up and are continuing to build out their prototypes.  Sign-up on their pages to stay informed of their progress and/or serve as beta testers.

  • NoteGlue – How many of you take notes while you read, but never get the time to go back and review them?  NoteGlue will allow readers to remember the most important points of what they read.
  • SyllabusSpeak – Syllabus Speak is an online tool that allows students to enter their syllabus information and receive updates as to when assignments are due. It will also enable students to receive messages days before a quiz or test, making the student more efficient and successful in the classroom.
  • CoFundus – CoFundus allows people to post their ideas to better society so that people can donate to each person’s cause/project.  Think Kickstarter for social good projects.

Finally, below are other groups that pitched their concepts and may or may not continue to roll them out.  Very interesting stuff.  A couple of them can be followed on Twitter:

  • ReliefMatch – ReliefMatch’s concept is to make disaster relief more effective.  They are building a set of mobile and web tools to connect resources and charities to the people who need them.  Faster delivery, better coordination between providers, and quicker relief to those in the greatest need.
  • CrowdStitch – A standardized, geo-located micro-networking mobile site for events.
  • MyWishList – This team is going after the inefficient market of gift giving by mining social media information and making recommendations.
  • BrandBump – Brandbump is a unique platform for brand-to-brand collaboration across multiple social networks.

Who knows?  You may be reading more about one of these exciting concepts in the months to come.

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Anuj Agrawal (@anujagra) is a digital media enthusiast in the DC area, with a passion for understanding what makes consumers tick. From the fundamentals of designing products that are engaging to understanding the psychology of the buying process, he has helped companies develop innovative consumer experiences.

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