Meet the Top Startups Competing at Innovate Celebrate 2017 [INTERNATIONAL]

September 1, 2017

12:20 pm

The world is filled with people that want to make a difference. From the peak of Nanda Devi in India to the streets of the Champs-Élysées in Paris, startup founders and entrepreneurs have shown that Silicon Valley isn’t the only place that business is booming. Whether you’re innovating fintech in Africa or tackling smart energy in Europe, the international community needs to recognize that startups are changing business for the better all around the world.

For the fifth year in a row, TechCo will bring together 100 companies to compete in the Startup of the Year competition. And with some of the best ideas, the most diverse teams, and the coolest names, these startups will be sure to impress you, no matter what country you call home.

If you’re interested in getting a glimpse at the startups competing at this year’s competition, which takes place at Innovate Celebrate 2017 in San Francisco, take a look at all the companies hailing from around the world below. Also, make sure to vote by clicking on the links provided!

United Kingdom

AssetVault (London, UK) [Click to Vote]

AssetVault makes customers aware if they are adequately protected through current product warranties and insurance policies.

Domotz (London, UK) [Click to Vote]

Domotz develops network scanning, network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools built for the Internet of Things.

We Love Work (London, UK) [Click to Vote]

We Love Work is a hiring app that predicts culture fit and values alignment between individuals and teams making the world of work a better place.


Obie (Hamilton, Canada) [Click to Vote]

Obie is a chatbot that helps teams access their company knowledge without leaving Slack.


Saathi Eco Innovations (Ahmedabad, India) [Click to Vote]

Saathi makes biodegradable pads from banana fibre. Saathi pads degrade in six months and eliminates 60 kg of waste. Proudly based and made in India.


Deekit (Tallinn, Estonia) [Click to Vote]

This company developed the world’s most collaborative online whiteboard for remote teams.


IN&MOTION (Chavanod – Annecy, France) [Click to Vote]

In&motion develops smart wearable airbag systems that reduce injuries in case of fall for every situation such as riding horse, bikes or skis.

SPARTAN (Paris, France) [Click to Vote]

SPARTAN is a stylish high-tech boxer brief that protects your health and fertility.


Stutern (Lagos Island, Nigeria) [Click to Vote]

Stutern is building the largest community for both young talent looking for their first job and employers looking to hire them in Africa.


igloohome (Singapore) [Click to Vote]

The Igloohome Smart Lock & Keybox allows property owners to grant access to visitors remotely, via mobile app. These products work offline.

United Arab Emirates

Karavan (Dubai UAE)

Karavan is a mobile app that facilitates skill and service exchanges between refugees and citizens using a non-monetary points system in order to regain their autonomy and agency by using a points system.

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