Meet the Top Startups Competing at Innovate Celebrate 2017 [SOUTH]

August 30, 2017

12:20 pm

Being from the South comes with a certain amount of pride. In addition to the unflinching hospitality and the incredible barbecue restaurants, this part of the country is home to a bevy of innovative startups and hungry entrepreneurs. From Texas hubs like Austin and Dallas to burgeoning ecosystems like Charleston and Memphis, the startups that hail from the South are all about getting the job done and doing it right the first time.

For TechCo’s fifth annual Startup of the Year competition, we’ve looked high and low for companies that are innovating within their industries and beyond. From sustainable energy startups to smart home businesses, our batch of 100 semifinalists has never been more impressive. And if you don’t believe us, just see for yourself!

If you’re interested in getting a glimpse at the startups competing at this year’s competition, which takes place at Innovate Celebrate 2017 in San Francisco from October 9th to October 11th, take a look at all the companies hailing from the South below. Also, make sure to vote by clicking on the links provided!


flux (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]

Flux created Eddy, an AI based robot that grows hyper-sustainable plants and cannabis.

Knocki (Houston, TX) [Click to Vote]

Knocki is a small WiFi-enabled device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces into powerful remote controls for a connected world.

Panamplify (Dallas, TX) [Click to Vote]

Panamplify automates and eliminates all the grunt work for marketing agencies who build reports for their brand clients. They use Intelligent Systems (AI) to assemble and represent meaningful reports providing massive cost savings. Panamplify is the reporting easy button.

Partake (Austin, TX) [Click to Vote]

Partake connects every golf course with their customers to provide an on-demand purchasing experience.


MajorClarity (Richmond, VA) [Click to Vote]

MajorClarity let’s students try out any career online through career simulations and creates educational plans of study for them to follow.

NS8 (Herndon, VA) [Click to Vote]

NS8 protects companies conducting business online from fraud and abuse. It helps them create a secure and trusted environment for their customers.

Park & Diamond (Blacksburg, VA) [Click to Vote]

Park & Diamond is improving cycling safety with helmets that rolls up into the shape of a water bottle and can be conveniently carried.

RUB A DUB (McLean, VA) [Click to Vote]

Car care for smart cities powered by sustainable technology.


Homey (Memphis, TN) [Click to Vote]

Homey is a mobile app that teaches kids financial literacy, the value of work through chores and enables parents to transfer money directly to the kids bank account.

ProxBox (Memphis, TN) [Click to Vote]

ProxBox is a communication and collaboration app for real estate agents with integrated beacon technology to give your property for sale its own voice.

North Carolina

Envested (Raleigh-Durham, NC) [Click to Vote]

Envested is an enterprise software company that created a next generation workplace and employee engagement software.

South Carolina

ENGAGE Talent (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]

ENGAGE Talent enables recruiters to identify talent pools, targeting and building a pipeline of passive candidates who are more likely to engage in a job change discussion.

Praxis (Charleston, SC) [Click to Vote]

Praxis is a 12-month startup apprenticeship program for young people who want more than college. Participants complete a 6-month professional bootcamp and a 6-month paid apprenticeship at a startup.


EasyVote Solutions (Woodstock, GA) [Click to Vote]

EasyVote is making the elections process more transparent, efficient and easier to manage.


Appocalypse (Miami Beach, FL) [Click to Vote]

BOTY, made by Appocalypse, uses technology to enhance the bar experience. They believe the bar is the center of connectivity and encourages face-to-face interactions.

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