3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Virtual Data Rooms

August 29, 2017

7:15 am

Even though they’ve been around since the dawn of cloud computing, virtual data rooms are still rather unknown to many people. Virtual data rooms allow businesses big and small to transfer all their data to a remote facility, allowing them to clear up space and access their documents more efficiently. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the top reasons every business owner should consider opting for a virtual data room. Remember that cloud technology is important for startups but can also be really valuable for literally any business.

Added Security

Virtual data rooms are one of the best ways to protect your business’s private information. Virtual data rooms use much more advanced data protection than traditional cloud storage services used to store photos and videos. In the past, certain people had restricted access to confidential documents to physical data rooms. While many might think this method was safer, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the past, it wasn’t unusual for files to go missing and it was almost impossible to track down the source of the leak. Nowadays, most virtual data rooms use advanced encryption to make sure breaches are reduced to a minimum.

Virtual Data Rooms Make the Due Diligence Process Easier

One of the biggest advantages of virtual data rooms is how easy they make it for potential buyers to get access to critical information. Virtual data rooms make it easy for the sell side to prove that it is and has always been in compliance with all regulations and show transparency. Virtual data rooms can document every movement that was ever recorded, every document change and every time files were accessed by and individual. This reduces the chances of legal repercussions as there has been in previous instances where the sell side has been accused of not divulging crucial information.

Added Convenience

Perhaps the top reason why so many people decide to switch to virtual data rooms is because of the added convenience they offer. With virtual data rooms, you can access your data from anywhere in the world anytime you wish. No need for security clearances and no need to visit offices out of business hours.

Virtual data rooms are especially convenient if you have multiple offices. Virtual data rooms eliminate the need to have copies of multiple documents and paying for maintaining different data rooms in all your locations. Transfer of documents between offices is incredibly easy and you can allow access to different files to a certain set of individuals in all of your branches. Virtual data rooms cut the time it takes to access and share annual reports between partners and investors and accelerates the selling process.

Virtual data rooms can help streamline processes and add convenience to daily tasks.

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