How to Stay Connected on Your Next Business Trip

January 21, 2015

2:31 pm

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by XFINITY. 

Entrepreneurs are constantly on the go. Traveling is sometimes a big part of the job, which means trying to stay productive wherever. You see it all the time; people rushing to turn their smartphones on as soon as a plane lands.  Even if it’s been a short 45 minute flight, business travelers can’t wait to get reconnected. We created a quick guide for entrepreneurs to keep connected on the go, check it out:

Don’t Wait to Find Wifi, Take Wifi with You

High-speed Internet access has become fairly ubiquitous in hotels, and not just major chains. Some airports don’t offer free Wifi either. When you do have access, it cost an arm and a leg! Being an XFINITY internet customer gives you access to their millions of hotspots nationwide. Ever see the “xfinitywifi” network pop up while you’re running around? That’s it! Covering tons of places around the country, these hotspots let you stay connected and experience your favorite content on the go. With data plans on cell phones adding up, this allows you to conserve data and use XFINITY’s free WiFi network wherever available. And, what is also convenient is that XFINITY internet delivers fast internet, even during peak hours.

Stay Charged

Finding a power outlet at an airport can be a challenge. When you do find it, there are about 10 people waiting to get their devices charged. Get a multioutlet travel power strip and surge protector with you, and share power with more people. Or, if you don’t really feel like sharing, take your portable battery charger. The thing is to stay connected.

Keep it Safe

Depending on where you are going, you may want to stay safe. But when we talk about security, we mean your computer. Security is a big priority in the digital age. According to Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report, 67% of websites used to distribute malware were identified as legitimate, compromised websites. With Constant Guard by XFINITY, you can feel safe knowing you have unmatched online security against identify theft, viruses and more, provided by Norton Security. So even if you are having to access various websites in various locations, you know that your information is safe.

Get some noise canceling headphones

Being able to shut out that crying baby, or engine noise when you are seated above the wing, is worth the investment on these babies. It also helps you keep out distractions when you need to finish that pending report, or when you just need to disconnect for a few minutes before answering that email to your investors.

And here is an extra tip for you to save time:

Pack Light

If you want to avoid the hassles in the event of a last-minute flight change, make sure to travel with a single carry-on bag. This means that you must get savvy on how to make everything fit, so pack light and employs a lightweight, fabric bag with lots of pockets and zippers. If you are staying for longer than 48 hours, use the hotel laundry services to stretch a small wardrobe. Unless it’s a particularly lengthy trip, you can usually get by with a single neutral-colored suit that can be mixed and matched with different shirts, ties and/or accessories.

Get Elite Status 

You are already a frequent flier; you may as well take advantage of it. Nothing beats being an elite member of an airline so you take the faster lines, get free upgrades, first class upgrades and sometimes the ability to use their lounge in the airport.


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