StayAtHand Launches iOS App That Will Change Hotel Booking

December 12, 2013

12:00 pm

“If man were designed to live a stationery existence, then legs would serve no purpose other than fodder for the mosquitoes.” Don’t bother Googling that – it’s a wholly contrived quotation from yours truly. Notwithstanding, I think it’s apropos of today’s human condition: humans can’t stay still; we’ve become an incessantly traveling species – and the numbers show it. In 2012, the US saw $597 billion in spending on leisure travel and $259 billion on business travel – certainly not insignificant (in fact, it’s higher than Turkey’s GDP in 2012). While the figures give us a hint at the amount of travel in which we engage, they convey nothing about our experiences – particularly, they tell us nothing about the travel planning experience (and the frustrations that can accompany that).

On Monday, StayAtHand, a mobile application aimed at improving the travel planning experience, debuted its iOS application. Of the numerous issues that we encounter during our travel planning, finding and booking a hotel is among the major ones. While there are certainly several online travel agencies (OTAs) that ease the process – things like Travelocity, Expedia, or – all fail to truly serve the unique needs of travelers. StayAtHand’s strictly mobile approach to hotel searching and booking targets those various pain-points.

Through StayAtHand’s iOS app, users can create and prioritize hotel searches, with the ability to make multiple searches and bookings for various locations on multiple dates. They can also select their hotel preferences based on price, location, dates, amenities and tourist experiences. If you’re currently enrolled in a certain rewards program, then such a factor can be included in the booking preferences. The greatest function of the app is its ability to save all your customized searches and notify you when your search criteria is reached (like, say, rooms under $150 in Midtown Manhattan become available for that trip in New Year’s Eve trip).

At their launch event last week, John K. Hart, the founder and CEO of Imagine If, Inc. – the Arlington-based company behind StayAtHand – expressed that “Humans] shouldn’t have to adapt to technology – it should be the other way around. [StayAtHand] is intuitive and gives [users] what [they’ve] always been looking for.” The app is designed specifically for the needs of travelers that currently aren’t being met by the similar services in the market.

Try StayAtHand for yourself and download it for iOS. The first 25 users who sign up for StayAtHand using the code TECHCOCKTAIL and book a room will receive 10 percent back on their first hotel stay (in the form of an Amazon gift card).

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