Can Science Bring Legitimacy to the Cannabis Industry?

February 25, 2015

9:00 am

Steep Hill, an industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics, recently acquired a dedicated genetic sequencer from Pacific Biosciences. That might not sound like much at first glance, but this sequencer (RSII) has already led to an exciting breakthrough: what is believed to be the first isolated male cannabis genome sequence.

Under the banner of Ynsight, a cannabis genome initiative, Steep Hill was able to focus on the Y chromosome and its critical axis role in the future of cannabis research. Based on this research, Ynsight recently launched a new genetics analytics system called GenKit.

GenKit expedites plant sexing and dramatically cuts time, saves resources, and increases plant yield for successful outdoor growth. However, the team at Steep Hill sees this only as the beginning.

With Ynsight, they plan to extend their research arm further and unlock the cannabis plant’s genetic code and get the secrets of cannabis’ most genetically desirable traits. Some of the potential benefits to the industry and community include:

  • Providing breeding program strategies to improve existing strains
  • Supporting the creation of new and unique strains which are heartier, more resistant to molds and other impurities, innately healthier for the consumer, especially medicinal, and drought-resistant to minimize usage of valuable natural resources
  • Assisting breeders in the protection of their uniquely-developed, branded strains and the intellectual property they are creating

“This commitment from Steep Hill puts us on the cusp of some of the most exciting research ever done in the cannabis field,” says Dr. Reggie Gaudino Ph.D., Director of Genetic Analysis and Vice President, Scientific Operations at Steep Hill. “Our research will close our knowledge loop and bring true scientific legitimacy to the industry, broadening acceptance through validation.”



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