Stitch Labs’ Willo O’Brien: “We Have Big Things Going On”

March 8, 2012

1:00 pm

Fresh off their announcement that they raised $1 Million in funding from True Ventures, Stitch Labs is poised for major growth – and success – both of which became evident after speaking with cofounder and VP of Marketing Willo O’Brien.  For all of us with small businesses – and that includes most new startups – balancing the mundane tasks that have to be done (like accounting) with the fun stuff (doing what you actually do) is a tricky line to walk.  Stitch Labs makes it much easier for small scale product-based businesses to manage their sales – so they can focus on doing what they do –  and actually selling.

During SXSW, where they are a showcased startup at our #StartupLife Celebration Saturday night, they are hosting a 2 day, official SXSW event called  CraftMakerCamp (#craftmaker), which you can learn more about here.  As O’Brien explained,

“My cofounder Brandon and I had our own product-based businesses, so we understand the problems inherent in getting products off the ground while running the back-end, annoying problems of managing the business – so that is what the Camp will focus on.

“The space we’re hitting is bringing technology to crafters and small, indie merchants who haven’t traditionally had access to online management tools.  Our goal is to streamline online and offline sales so they can concentrate on designing and creating.”

When asked what features customers love the most, O’Brien replied that their inventory management makes it super easy to manage both online – Etsy, Shopify, your own website – and offline sales, as their customers typical sell their products via several channels.

“Also, what people don’t realize they need before they get it are reports,” continued O’Brien.  “And our reports are super sexy and very visual.  They really drill down and clearly show you what is selling best across variants (color, size, style, etc.) and sales channels.  As a small business, you HAVE to have feedback so you know what products to focus your energy on.”

Looking beyond SXSW, O’Brien said they are planning on some great integrations with other online services that focus on SMBs, like accounting, shipping, etc.  “We ultimately want to help small merchants manage their entire business in one place. ‘Make selling easier’ is our tagline and the driving factor for our continued growth.”

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