Study: Americans Are Tired of 4G Networks

September 7, 2017

10:50 am

The rise of mobile has put smartphones in the hands of millions of Americans. Even senior citizens have begun using these undeniably convenient devices, with 42 percent of adults aged 65 or older owning a smartphone in the US. This trend has seen ecommerce sites, insurance companies, big banks, and pretty much every industry in the world providing mobile options for their customers in an effort to remain modern. Unfortunately, network speeds just aren’t keeping up.

As online content continues to swell, Americans have become dissatisfied with the standard 4G network speeds provided on smartphones today. A recent study from Cambium Networks showed the 93 percent of Americans want something more than 4G for their mobile device, listing a desire for faster speeds as the number one reason they wish to move on from the seemingly outdate networks.

But Why?

These widespread complaints are anything but frivolous. Even when network speeds are updated to LTE, Americans are still enduring only the 58th best speeds in the entire world, according to Open Signal. That’s right, 58th. That means countries like Brunei, Qatar, and even Bahrain are flipping through Facebook faster than those of us here in the United States.

“Countries [with power speed and availability scores] are typically in the early stages of their LTE rollouts. There’s no hard and fast rule, though. Countries can have highly accessible networks, but their speeds can be limited by capacity constraints,” wrote the authors of the study.

This isn’t the only reason Americans are fed up with 4G networks though. Telecommunications companies like Verizon have been caught red-handed on more than one occasion throttling speeds of their users, causing even slower speeds than our 58th ranked networks now. This is not only making speeds worse, but also creating an air of mistrust when it comes to the discussion of cellular speeds overall.

Simply put, this is a bit ridiculous. As one of the top five countries that can’t live without internet, the inability to develop a 4G network that can rival Jordan, Sri Lanka, Panama, and 54 other countries is nothing short of embarrassing. But what can you expect from a country with more crumbling bridges than social programs?

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