My Study Rewards Wants to Instill Lifelong Learning

October 16, 2013

11:00 am

“In the 4th grade, my parents offered Air Jordan sneakers as a reward for earning straight A report cards,” says Dominique Wilkins, CEO of My Study Rewards. “By the end of 6th grade, I had earned 9 straight A report cards out of 12 marking periods and earned a scholarship from Dr. Ben Carson.”

This experience showed Wilkins that performing well in an academic setting could open doors for his future. It also helped him develop an intrinsic love of learning that he still carries with him today.

 “I want to help people discover their own love of learning because there is a major problem with regard to student engagement in their education,” says Wilkins.

After searching far and wide for a technical partner that could breathe life into this goal, Wilkins developed My Study Rewards accordingly to take his childhood experience to a wide range of individuals. Users can watch educational videos and answer trivia questions to earn points and rewards in the form of discount offers at national brands and retailers.

When you examine the problem of student engagement, you begin to see that it is actually quite common. And in a market where many people are trying to solve it, My Study Rewards offers a completely different approach over their major competition: Wilkins has not restricted the use of his platform to a specific grade level or age.

“Our early adopters have praised us for going this route,” says Wilkins. “We are currently finalizing pilot programs with various prestigious school districts and universities for early next year.”

By opening My Study Rewards up to a wide range of potential users, Wilkins has ensured more business opportunity than with a restricted platform. From there, he can reach even more individuals and organizations as he pursues his educational mission to help people navigate their lifelong learning journey.

The users are broken down into four distinct categories: students from middle school through college, young professionals, educators of all levels, and parents. And all four groups are using My Study Rewards in different ways to enhance their journey.

Students and young professionals are using the app to discover new content and earn the real world rewards. Educators see the app as a great way to promote out-of-class learning and see how their effort leads to in-class performance. Parents are easily connecting with their children about education via the technology.

Any way you spin it, the value behind the My Study Rewards platform is clear cut and simple. Going beyond that though, the strategy employed in marketing it to multiple organizations and individuals without restriction will help spur widespread adoption.

Currently My Study Rewards is in the midst of rolling out a public beta for iOS, but they are looking to become a household name in the education sphere. The hope is that the platform will begin to help users discover opportunities for continued learning. That and they want to offer even more insanely awesome rewards as they keep growing.

My Study Rewards was featured at Tech Cocktail’s DC Mixer & Startup Showcase on September 19th.

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