Study Shows Online Dating Still Not as Effective as Offline

February 5, 2016

10:37 am

How often do you talk to people through text? How often to do you talk to people in person? Do you do one more than the other?

It probably depends what type of person you are. Certain people thrive on being surrounded by others, while others prefer to conduct their communication from a comfortable distance. Many people fall somewhere in between. Text messaging can make it easier for people to open up to other people, without the pressure that comes with facing someone in person.

In the world of online dating, meeting someone over text message first can alleviate the pressure of meeting someone in person for the first time. People can get a sense of the other person first and decide if they want to take the time to meet with them. On the flip side, however, many feel that they can’t get a good sense of who they’re talking to before they’ve met someone in person. That’s probably why the majority of couples still meet IRL: according to a study by University of Chicago psychologist John Cacioppo, 65.05 percent of couples still meet offline.

But that doesn’t discount the fact that online dating continues to rise each year. A projected 70 percent of couples will be meeting online by 2040. What’s more, a PewResearchCenter study shows that 38 percent of adults who are “single and looking” have used online dating sites or apps.

Venngage conducted a study to answer the question of whether or not people can fall in love through text message. Anecdotally, I have known a few people who have, but it was always over the course of several months to years. The Venngage study wanted to see if people could fall in love in just under an hour, using the 36 questions that lead to love that went viral around this time last year. Their study paired up participants based on a personality questionnaire, then assigned them to private channels in Slack to conduct their conversations with absolutely no physical cues or indicators.

Some of the results may or may not surprise you:

  • 81 percent of participants exchanged contact after the study.
  • 16 percent of participants felt as close to their partner as the closest person in the lives.
  • 50 percent of participants found it easier to discuss personal topics with their partners through text.
  • 53.1 percent of participants prefer in-person conversations to texting.
  • 81.5 percent of participants did not meet up with their partners in person after the study.

So although most participants found it easier to discuss personal topics with their partners over text, most people still prefer offline conversation.

You can read the full study and infographic here.

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