StudyBlue: Study Tools Adjust to a Technology-Driven Student

February 25, 2011

1:30 pm

There was a time not too long ago when the words “note cards” or “study notes” meant carefully combing through your biology or Spanish class notes and writing out key words and phrases to help you prepare for tests. Enter StudyBlue into a high school or college student’s tool kit of study aides – a sophisticated note taking platform integrating online and mobile phone tools that support a student’s retention of key class information to help them best prepare for tests.

Developed by two former University of Wisconsin – Madison students and funded by angel investors, StudyBlue delivers a targeted study tool that maximizes the online and mobile behaviors of high school and college students. From an in-depth FAQ section that is crowd-sourced by other students, to delivering an online home for study notes accessible to students within their on-the-go lifestyle, StudyBlue recognizes the technology-driven lifestyles of today’s students and provides them with a flexible study tool that increases the efficiency of their study habits.

StudyBlue’s free and paid subscription model facilitates collaboration between students and allows instructors to be a part of this evolution in learning. Teachers and Professors are also joining the StudyBlue platform by posting lecture notes, presentations and quiz instructions. One high school Spanish and French teacher, Samantha Ritt introduced StudyBlue as part of her class curriculum and has found it to be instrumental in supporting students’ learning of the Spanish vocabulary words and phrases introduced in class. Additionally, she has found that StudyBlue helps student athletes maintain their studies throughout their rigorous travel schedules via the mobile functionality.

Since its launch in 2008, StudyBlue has continued to expand rapidly throughout college campuses and is quickly seeing strong adoption within high schools as well. As noted by Becky Splitt, CEO of StudyBlue:

Students in high school and college today grew up with the Internet and attached to their mobile phones. Studying is no longer a pen and paper affair, it’s digital, it’s mobile and it has to be more efficient. StudyBlue takes what students already do — make flashcards and take notes — and moves it online, making it more efficient and effective.

StudyBlue’s multi-media note taking and flash card tools, which includes the ability to include images, text and audio, is truly an evolution and strategic fit within the digitally-integrated world of today’s student. One can only wonder what is next for this fast growing, technology innovator.

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