StumbleUpon Tops Facebook As Source For Social Media Traffic

January 5, 2011

3:35 pm

According to a recent report by StatCounter the social discovery engine StumbleUpon has surpassed Facebook when it comes to referring people to new websites. Looking at the graph, it seems that perhaps Facebook made an algorithmic change that affected that number, as it seemed to make a significant dip in December, 2010, while at the same time, StumbleUpon saw a significant increase. Facebook has over 500 million users, but when it comes to driving traffic to outside sites and services, it appears that StumbleUpon may be able to the cake, even though they only have about 15 million users. This is pretty impressive but not surprising as we have been watching StumbleUpon for over a year now, since CEO and Co-Founder Garrett Camp acquired the company back from eBay.

We even got a chance to talk with Garrett Camp about the direction of StumbleUpon. In his interview he said:

“I really want take the user base and revenue to 10x what they are now… at that point then we’ll have a ton of options.”

So next up, StumbleUpon is focused on continuing to grow. Oh, and don’t forget to give StumbleUpon another look and friend up Tech Cocktail on StumbleUpon.

StatCounter Social Media Referring Traffic US monthly 201001 to 201101

StatCounter Social Media Referring Traffic US monthly 201001 to 201101

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