Style Guide for Startup Guys (Part 2): Ties Aren’t Just for Bankers

September 3, 2014

7:30 pm

This is part 2 of a 4-part series, Style Guide for Startup Guys, an overview on style tips for all the guys in the startup world. Read Style Guide for Startup Guys (Part 1): The Hoodie is Dead.

After the first section to this startup guide, I wanted to get more into my area of expertise: the necktie. For job interviews to partnership meetings, or, hell, even on hot dates, a tie always sends the right message. Oscar Wilde once famously remarked, “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”; he was sharp guy, and I feel that’s advice worth taking.

**This author fully realizes that he is a tie company owner encouraging you to wear more ties. Withal, it is undeniable that ties are a core element of menswear, and as this is a business attire style guide, the mention of such things was inevitable.


You’ll make a strong statement in your next investment meeting by tying on a simple printed necktie in a contemporary width. Look at it this way: the majority of the guys sitting across the table probably didn’t make their money in tech. They’re used to an atmosphere of professionalism; if they took the time to put on a jacket and tie this morning, then you damn well better reciprocate.

For a contemporary width, think less wide, Wall Street, power tie and more Don Draper on a Friday night out. We at Tie Society define the “sweet spot” for tie widths as being between 2.75 and 3.25 inches (at its widest point).


Ladies (and guys) just go WILD for a motherboard tie. The Jegman Mobo tie features a circuit board design and is only $19.99. (via Jegman)

The necktie is all about personal expression. If you’re a die-hard programmer, there are plenty of ties out there that will allow you to communicate your love for coding while still keeping things dapper. I mean just check out the example above from Jegman. Their “Mobo” tie is printed to look like a motherboard and will act as a great icebreaker and conversation piece when you’re out hunting for new connections.


Believe it or not, after seeing a resurgence spurred along by shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, the bow tie is once again a cool and modern look. Bow ties can be paired just as easily with a soft, unstructured blazer and an Oxford collar button-down (OCBD), as they are with a three-piece suit, for a classic-but-still-contemporary statement.


Similar to items in the first part of this guide, you can purchase a jacket from something like J.Crew’s unstructured worker suit jacket ($349.99) to UNIQLO’s linen cotton slim fit jacket ($19.90). (via J.Crew and UNIQLO)

Still skeptical? Try wearing one out this weekend. After the compliments you receive border on the excessive, we can reopen the discussion. Bowtie beginners should begin by finding a quality pre-tied bow tie that speaks to their personality before attempting to master the knot required for a self-tie.


QP Collections has a pretty great selection of pre-tied bowties, like their chambray and canvas reversible bow tie ($58). (via QP Collections)

Once you’ve done a few test runs, have a try at tying a bowtie:


“Witty caption about how tying a bow tie sucks.”

Stay tuned next week where we’ll go over one of the most undervalued aspects of a guy’s outfit: shoes.


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Jake Kuczeruk is the Co-Founder and CMO of Tie Society. Raised in Michigan, Indiana University graduate, and citizen of San Francisco- where he resides with his girlfriend and two cats.

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