6 Stylish Devices for the Renaissance Man or Woman

April 23, 2016

6:00 pm

We live in the fast paced world of modern technology: mobile gadgets, smart gizmos and informational overload. Sometimes, it feels depressing or intimidating. More and more people find their escape and peace in an old charm of the latest gadgets which look like familiar, traditional things. They bring back happy childhood memories and a sense of stability when everything around seems to be so uncertain and ever changing. This trend is not a symbol of being old and conservative. Actually, it is becoming an important part of the young urban lifestyle. A great example of this shift is a variety of hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns for vintage looking-gadgets which attracted a lot of enthusiastic supporters.

Take a glance at some of these stylish yet functional devices built for the Renaissance man or woman:

There are many other cool gadgets such as game consoles, cameras, radios for those who are looking for modern retro. These innovative devices provide temporary liberation from noisy surroundings without losing the benefits of the 21 century technology or disconnecting you from the world. They bring a piece of history into your life or make a sophisticated gift.

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Elena Mikhaylova, CEO of Crowdfund Productions, is a serial entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in diverse industries. She is an internationally published author of hundreds of articles, several research papers and two books. Elena has been a speaker at numerous international conferences. Being an active ambassador of social innovations, Elena was recognized as the Top 1% on LinkedIn and an organizer of one of the largest crowdfunding meetup groups in the US.

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