Sunlution Aims to Make Solar Power Cost Efficient and Global

May 1, 2013

3:00 pm

Jeff Roth, founder of Sunlution, has worked in the power utility and solar photovoltaic (PV) industry most of his life. Through his experience, Roth noticed a need for lower-cost solar PV products that made solar power more practical.

Roth has already filed a utility patent for Sunlution’s first product, a grounding spring that is NEC and UL467 compliant. The spring is used to ground connecting solar panels, as well as secure cables that run through the panels.

Sunlution - spring

Sunlution is already working on another product, a low-cost 1500VDC cable splice. The cable splice is an improved method for module-to-module connectivity. Roth believes that the cable splice is a better answer to large commercial and utility scale string level power electronics projects.

Roth and Sunlution’s goal is to make solar PV a realistic and powerful option at the commercial and private levels globally. Below, Roth gives some background on the solar industry.

Tech Cocktail: How is the solar PV industry becoming more mainstream and accepted in North America?

Jeff Roth: In general, Solar PV is being embraced more than any time prior to this. That’s not to say it has reached a US market presence that I would consider to be meaningful or realistic in terms of what it potentially contributes to our overall national energy portfolio and our need for clean energy. However, with that said, current demand levels have provided sufficient market opportunity for the entire system, which include Sunlution’s ideas.

Tech Cocktail: What experiences in the solar PV industry made you want to start Sunlution?

Jeff Roth: I have had many meetings and interactions with industry-leading CEOs, CTOs, VPs, and directors within the solar industry who are resolved to moving solar PV to commercial viability with little or no federal or state subsidy. It is sustainable long-term and environmentally good for our nation and the world…especially when compared to the true costs and environmental consequences of fracking, carbon emissions, nuclear disasters, and oil spills.

Tech Cocktail: Can you tell me more about the emergency power 150w solar PV kit?

Jeff Roth: Yes, it is an important project for us. The intent is for it to provide low-cost solar backup power, lighting, and potable water for emergency disasters and third-world community use. We have generally designed it at this stage and it now needs to be proven through beta testing. However, as a startup company, we need to fund it along with all the other projects. It is our hope that proceeds from the sale and licensing of our PV ground spring will begin funding our further ideas.

For more specific information and diagrams on Sunlution’s cost-efficient solar solution products and their ideas for future products, visit Sunlution’s page here. Sunlution was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Boise mixer.


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