Super Bowl Tech Prep 2011: What to Look for Before, During and After Sunday’s Big Football Game

February 4, 2011

4:59 pm

As we head into the big game weekend, charge up your device du jour and get ready. The media frenzy is about to start, and here are a few companies ready for the Super Bowl action.

Foursquare, which on every other day requires users to check in from a physical location, will allow users to check into a promoted, virtual location called “Super Bowl Sunday”.­­ The venue will show up at the top of “Trending Now” on, well, Sunday.  Last year, the Super Bowl was one of Foursquare’s biggest check-in’s – this year the company is capitalizing on the game’s popularity through a partnership with the NFL and is offering is a 20% discount to the NFL shop after check-in.

For those actually at the game, a special Super Bowl badge has been created. For everyone else, there are special badges to unlock by ‘shouting’ “Go Steelers” or “Go Packers”.

Even if you aren’t in Dallas Cowboys stadium on Sunday, you can still experience a 360 degree view courtesy of USA TODAY and junaio, an augmented-reality browser (that participated in our SXSW Tech Cocktail event last year). For smartphone users, today’s (February 4th) edition  includes the ability to click on the screen for a 360 degree view of the  player’s entrance to the stadium, the locker rooms and even the murals of contemporary art that decorate the facility.

Image recognition technology brings to life the Super Bowl “Play of the Game” for readers on Monday, February 7th. This is not video, but a 3D animation created within hours of the game so the camera angle is determined by the smartphone’s position relative to the newspaper picture. Every player’s move can be studied from different angles.

Here’s a preview: Super Bowl augmented reality from USA TODAY.

Another application that is Big Game ready is Vualla, a runner up in Tech Cocktail’ s Innovation Showcase at the CES Tweetup . Their iPad application provides in depth information about the game such as video highlights and commercials, photos, news, history, box scores, along with Twitter, Facebook, chat and games.

If you’re not a fan of either team and are watching the game for the commercials, you may want to check out ADBOWL. This app links to that links to YouTube and lets user rate Super Bowl commercials. The top ten get posted on ADBOWL’s website on Monday.

Speaking of commercials, the widely successful Angry Birds will make an appearance in a Twentieth Century Fox ad for their animated movie titled, “Rio”. A special code will appear within the commercial to unlock a new level. It is reported that a special version of the game called “Angry Birds Rio” will be released to coincide with the movie.

iStrategyLabs, DC-based agency, has just launched where you can share who you Facebook “like” and chime in on an in-page chat mashup that let’s you decide which team has the best chance of winning the Super Bowl. The prize? $500 in Facebook ads to mock the team that loses. Classy right?

Facebowl dot US

Facebowl dot US

Thinking about changing your Facebook profile pic for the occasion? Polamolu-ize yourself by putting your face on Steeler’s defenseman Troy Polamolu’s awesome head of hair with Polamalooza, it’s clearly an advertising gimmick from Head & Shoulders, yet still funny.

Download the Polamalooza app from iTunes
Polamalooza - P&G Productions

Polamalooza iPhone App

Polamalooza iPhone App

On Twitter, VISA has teamed with JESS3 to showcase the stream of Super Bowl-related conversations on a map and in a few other ways at:

Visa NFL Twitter Map

Visa NFL Twitter Map
has compiled a list of companies that no longer exist, yet spent millions on Super Bowl commercials.

Those cat herders were funny though…

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