Some Kickstarter Elves Have Begun Work on Wireless Christmas Lights for Next Year

November 20, 2014

8:00 pm

Since you’re already super bent-out-of-shape that Christmas candy displays have been set up at your local discount store, and your neighbor is stringing holiday lights, I will just go ahead and tell you it’s a great time to prepare for NEXT Christmas. Because it’s going to be 2015 and if we still don’t have medical tricorders then dammit, we deserve smartphone-controlled ornaments. If you get in on this Kickstarter now, you will be ahead of the game. It’s time to check out Aura, the first-ever wirelessly powered Christmas lights.


Let there be wireless light!

So what exactly is happening here? Instead of stringing lights all around the tree, you snap the Aura power ring onto the tree and plug that in. Then, you hang these ornaments – stringless, wireless lights – onto the tree. And there’s light.


Over years of research and development, the team of engineers behind Aura have created a foolproof design that is adaptable to every tree, new or old, tall or short, real or manmade. To use Aura lights simply snap its power source on, plug it in to the nearest outlet, and hide it in the tree or under the tree skirt. With the unmatchable strength of Aura’s power source, there’s no more wasted time on finding the bad bulb in your lights.

Aura ensures complete safety with its bulbs, by conducting their wireless energy through a magnetic field that only interacts with specifically tuned devices. Aura ornaments are smartphone accessible, too! Select WiFi when purchasing Aura and control your tree from your smartphone. Turn it on or off, set lighting schedules, timers, and more.

Have you headed over to help fund the campaign yet? Because, I need this product next year. Don’t Scrooge my futuristic 2015 Christmas Extravaganza. Maybe you need more details. Here you go: No cords. No batteries. LED bulbs. Permanently sealed bulbs. App controlled on/off provides endless fun for Grandpa AND for the toddler who always wants to play with your phone. NO MORE TEMPTATION TO BUY $4 PACKAGES OF LIGHTS – because you know this happens every year and you still never end up with a decent supply of lights.

You can choose from clear glass, crackled glass, and frosted glass – and all of these finishes are available in multi-color as well. There are multiple levels of campaign backing you can choose from; all of them are so reasonably priced I don’t know how you will choose. Plan ahead for next year and get this funded now!




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