Surgeo Makes Surgery Easier with Surgeon-Recommended Plans

August 16, 2016

2:03 pm

The health care landscape of the US is far from ideal. With rising medication costs and a woefully lack of affordable insurance, even getting a check-up can be a life-ruining experience. But what if you have to have something serious taken care of? Surgery is stressful enough without all the bells and whistles of the current health care platform. Fortunately, one startup is hoping to make surgery as easy as signing up for a dating service.

Surgeo is a logistics service built for patients by surgeons. It aims to match users with qualified surgeons that are adept at particular areas of surgery. Whether its an acid reflux procedure or a knee replacement, you’ll be able to compare a wide range of surgery packages that are affordable, comprehensive, and most importantly, skilled. And because these packages are cultivated and listed by other surgeons, you know you are getting the best every time.

“It appears that the only generally available and non-controversial way for patients to gain knowledge about a surgeon is to ask another surgeon,” said Dr. Arnon Kongrad, the founder of Surgeo, in a post for the Center for Health Journalism. “This approach is intuitively obvious and empirically valid.”

In the digital world, it seems that medical care has been the only industry to be behind in adopting new technology to facilitate comprehensive care. But now, between Surgeo and a wide range of other medical services, patients finally have the chance to find affordable surgeries, friendly doctors, and simple scheduling. And all we can say is, it’s about time.

“Surgeo designs, builds, and delivers transparently priced, comprehensive surgery packages led by uncommonly qualified surgeons,” said a statement from the health startup. “It is a first-of- kind, technology enabled, surgery logistics service that simplifies access to surgical care by offering quality, convenience and choice all in one.”

As someone that has gone through the arduous process of trying to find the correct medical care for a serious ailment (herniated disc), I understand the importance of a service like this. In the US, it seems the deck has been stacked against people that just want to feel healthy again. And that needs to change. Because in a country that makes Starbucks available on every corner, you should be able to get healthcare without jumping through any hoops.

Photo: Flickr / David Maddison

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