Surgift: Taking the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving

August 3, 2016

2:30 pm

Years ago, retailers got a great idea – gift registries. It started with brides and, over time, moved on to babies. Basically, recipients could set up a list of desired gifts, the retailer would keep track of what had been purchased, the gifters would know what the recipient wanted, and there would be no duplicates. Then came gift cards, so recipients could get exactly what they wanted. These ultimately went digital, so that the cards could be emailed directly to the recipient. It was only a matter of time before new ideas would enter this entire gifting market.

Enter Surgift – an app that takes gift-giving to another and more convenient place.

The Basics

screen322x572For those who are tired of sending boring gift cards, and for those who spend hours in malls trying to find the “perfect gift,” Surgift is one of many gift-giving apps that eliminates the mundane, the indecision and the time.

  • Users download the app and sign up. They then make a list of their desired gifts – for any occasion – the list stays as is.
  • Gifts are eliminated from the list as they are given and, at any time, users can go in and change their lists.
  • Users then provide their family members and friends with their Surgift username, so they may access the list and make their selections.
  • If a user just wants to be surprised, s/he can develop a profile, and a gift will be selected, based upon price parameters of the gifter.
  • Next, a gifter just selects the perfect match in terms of price, conducts the payment through the app, and the company will handle the wrapping and delivery!

The Plusses

  • Certainly, people who are busy and yet who want to give a physical gift as opposed to a card, will find Surgift more convenient than searching individual online retailers for gifts or sending a boring gift card/certificate.
  • Gifters can also set their price range up front and access only those gifts on the list within that range.
  • Gifters are satisfied that the recipient is getting something that s/he really wants
  • The recipient is assured of getting something they really want or need without.
  • The app states that it only takes 5 seconds to select a gift. This could actually occur in some instances, especially if there are only a couple of items within the gifters parameters.
  • Surgift is less complicated than some other personalized gifting apps.
  • The app eliminates gift returns and exchanges as everyone gets what they want!

The Drawbacks

  • Gift-giving is a matter of personal preferences, and, psychologically, there are those who continue to enjoy shopping without pre-conceived notions of what to give. They just enjoy the process of looking at options, and making their own selections for gifts. Surgift eliminates this process.
  • Some insist that these types of tools and apps take the fun out of giving and receiving. While a user can sign up for the “surprise” feature, the giver does not experience the enjoyment.
  • Others state that gift-giving has simply become a matter of sending money, in the form of pre-selected gift, back and forth. The process has taken the personalization out of gift-giving and reduced it to a digital science.

Surgift is just a reflection of our times, really. It is convenient, fast, “scientific,” and eliminates “mistakes.” For busy people, it solves one more time-consumer. As such, it certainly has its place.

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