Survata Gives us a Look at Their Black Friday Shopping Data

November 26, 2014

5:30 pm

I recently wrote an article about, an online survey business, and the launch of their new app usability testing surveys which allows clients to reach a targeted population of web users. This week, with Black Friday looming on the horizon, Survata decided to post a survey about Black Friday Shopping.

Here are the questions they posed to their audience:

  • Black Friday is a polarizing topic.  Asking 1209 respondents “What is the likelihood you are going to shop in-person on Black Friday“? on a 1-10 scale, the two most common answers were the extremes – 54% said 1/10 and 11% said 10/10.
  • Many people oppose the trend of stores starting their big sales on Thanksgiving Day.  55% of respondents gave a 1/10 rating for their agreement with this statement “Stores should open on Thanksgiving for early Black Friday sales.”
  • If shoppers plan on hitting Black Friday sales, they plan on doing so early.  30% of respondents who said they planned on shopping in-person on Black Friday planned on starting before 6 am.

Survata was looking at three age groups: 13 to 24, 25 to 44, and over 45 years old. The 13 to 24 demographic was surprisingly the most likely to state that they plan on shopping in-person on Black Friday with 25 to 44 being the least likely. Across all age groups, Walmart was the store people most often said they planned to shop at with Target being the second most common.
Asking 1,209 respondents “What’s the likelihood you are going to shop in-person on Black Friday?” on a one to ten scale, the two most common answers were the extremes – 54 percent said one out of ten and 11 percent said ten out of ten. Additionally, Survata asked what was the likelihood of shopping online for Black Friday:

  • 13 to 24: 20% likely to shop online on Black Friday
  • 25 to 44: 16% likely to shop online on Black Friday
  • 45 and older: 16% likely to shop online on Black Friday

It’s an interesting look at one of the most consumer-focused holidays of the year. Also interesting is the fact that in a technological age more people would rather shop in-person than online. And last, but certainly not least, this is a great look at the functionality Survata can offer their customers.

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