Survata: Giving Developers Timely and Accurate Feedback on Their App Designs

September 26, 2014

4:30 pm

As an online survey business, Survata is constantly seeking to help answer business questions for clients of all shapes and sizes: Fortune 500, hedge funds, ad agencies, and other startups. The clients can build a survey around any topic and choose target demographics and audiences to answer it.

This past Wednesday, Survata announced the launch of new app usability testing surveys which allow clients to reach a targeted population of web users, expose them to their app design, and track activity using a click map. Respondents can be prompted to perform a task, and Survata records their responses which allows for quick, inexpensive, and targeted mobile UX feedback.

“We’ve worked with countless startups and tech companies to validate business ideas, choose taglines, and get feedback on their logo,” says Chris Kelly, cofounder of Survata. “Many of them build mobile apps as well, and say, ‘You’re so good at finding my target audience to do this stuff, why can’t you bring respondents to the app to perform UI testing?’ So we did.”

According to the Survata team, app developers see an average of 29 percent of apps that are only used once before being deleted. Now, there’s over 1 million apps in the App Store alone, and releasing an app that users might have trouble navigating or understanding is tantamount to failure.

“The app usability testing feature allows developers to get timely, accurate feedback on an app design, with all the personalization and demographic reporting of our normal online survey platform,” says Kelly.

Survata ran a preliminary test of their services, comparing the UI for both Uber and Lyft. Respondents were given a simple prompt for each test: where would you click to change your location?

At the same time, they were shown corresponding screenshots from Uber and Lyft’s mobile apps. Survata was able to see that respondents’ clicks were more scattered when interacting with Lyft versus the relative success they had when locating features on Uber.


“Considering the ongoing boom in mobile development, we expect our testing feature to be a key tool developers use when iterating versions of their mobile app,” says Kelly.


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