Swaha: Don’t Just Tell Your Story, Show it

February 26, 2015

6:30 pm

When a person posts a photo to their social media channels they’re not looking to show off one isolated slice of time to their friends. Rather, they’re hoping to tell a story about the significance a photo represents within the context of their lives.

Think for a second: if you’ve ever seen a picture on a friend’s page and then listened to them tell the tale behind it, you’re experiencing first-hand how passion and excitement are conveyed through subtle inflection of the voice. Text and emojis pale in comparison.

However, we’re still seeing social photos and videos captioned with these traditionally less exciting ways. Swaha, a new social app, was built to help users weave their favorite photographs together and narrate a corresponding story with their own voices.

Generating a story on the Swaha platform is simple: retrieve photos from your camera roll, press the record button to overlay your voice, and share.

“While I was working on stories etc, I realized that current social apps were not allowing people to really speak to each other. With the apps we use now, we use multiple exclamation points or emojis to symbolize emotions,” says Patrick Talley, founder of Swaha. “But, one day, my teenaged niece told me a story about some pictures on her mobile phone. Once I heard the excitement in the inflections of her voice, I realized that is how people want to communicate, and that moment is what sparked Swaha.”

Through his work with stories etc, a memoir platform that helps people suffering from dementia record their legacies, Talley realized that people value the sound of a loved one’s voice just as much, if not more, than their photographs.

The newly released app is available for both iOS and Android.


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