The Sweet Market of Maple Water

October 25, 2015

4:00 pm

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water, in general, is essential to our survival. Every day we lose water by simply breathing, perspiring, or by visiting the loo. So it goes without saying that we need to continue to replenish this loss and drink water regularly. It helps flush out toxins, carries nutrients to our bodies’ cells, and helps keep your ears, nose and throat in a comfortably moist environment. A rule of thumb for decades has been 8 ounces of fluids, 8 times a day. An easy enough rule to remember, but according to the Mayo Clinic this can be all types of fluids, and not just water.

We see a number of athletes drinking Gatorade or Vitamin Water – albeit studies that some of these contain just as much sugar and calories as sodas. The coconut water craze has been booming over the years, too, touting sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium as natural elements.

A new entrant into the market of naturally flavored waters is maple water.

While maple water is still a relatively new product to the market, we do know that it is high in antioxidants, and manganese – which assists thyroid health, bone strength, and vitamin absorption – although our bodies do need only a little manganese a day.

drink_maple_1-2We caught up with the founders of DRINKmaple – a delicious, new and healthy alternative to flavored waters! Jeff Rose and Kate Weiler stumbled across a manufacturer that made maple water while participating in an Iron Man in Quebec. Along with its naturally hydrating properties, it contained the above-mentioned nutrients, tasted delicious and happen to come from a resource right here in the United States – as opposed to coconut water that can come from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and other countries.

Based in New England, it’s easy to come by maple trees. The company sources from trees in eastern Canada, New England, New York, northern Pennsylvania, and (of course) Vermont – the largest supplier of maple in the United States. DRINKmaple’s operation ensures that the maple goes from tree to bottle in under 36 hours. Once it’s in the bottle it keeps for approximately 18 months, and once opened, about 7-10 days.

They sell directly to distributors and retailers in New England, but also sell direct to consumers via their online e-commerce platform.

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Vanessa Ferragut, CMP is a Sustainable Event and Meeting Planner in Washington, DC. She is the founder of Ferragut Event Group, LLC, an event planning company that focuses on sustainable meetings and events. Vanessa is also a local foods enthusiast and Founder of Greenease, Inc, a mobile app dedicated to promoting restaurants, cafes and grocers that work with local farms and provide sustainable food options. She is passionate about supporting organizations that embrace sustainability in their business and service practices, promote community activism, and minimize their overall environmental impact in the hospitality sector. You can follow her at @vferragut and @GreeneaseApp.

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