ClearVoice is the Swiss Army Knife for Content Marketing

July 19, 2016

8:00 pm

Content marketing is a very important component in a company’s digital marketing strategy. It’s a way to engage with the target audience and grow the network of potential customers by creating relevant and valuable content. That content then attracts, involves, and generates value so that people create a positive perception of a brand, thus generating more sales.

Content marketing is really an important part of online marketing’s future, especially taking into account that 76% of B2B marketers reported they would produce more content this year, so having a way to facilitate and streamline strategy, discovery, development, and distribution of content is really a good idea.

All this can be obtained from ClearVoice and its software, which is a true Swiss army knife for content marketing. It features tools and functionalities to manage content marketing at all its stages, from beginning to end: planning, recruiting, creating, distributing and measuring.

ClearVoice’s platform makes it easy to create content, collaborate and issue payments to freelancers, all in one place without having to use third-party apps or services. The platform is also linked to WordPress and other major content management systems through an accessible API, making content publication and distribution quite simple.

After all this, it is important to dive into numbers. With ClearVoice, companies can get a clear picture on what and who performs best and what can be optimized, all this in a nice-looking and easy to access platform. Joe Griffin, co-founder of ClearVoice, had his say on content marketing’s role and how his company’s platform can help build a strong strategy:

“Content marketing is the most effective way to create a digital relationship between consumer and company. Content powers the world, and companies that can stand out from the noise, create engaging content, and do that consistently win the game online. Content marketing is a broad spectrum, but we believe that the blog is the nucleus, and where companies sharpen their skills. From there effective email marketing, resources, social media and landing pages can be easily introduced.

At ClearVoice we provide companies and agencies with the software and freelancers necessary to create and manage an amazing blog and other resource content they need to stand out and reach their content marketing goals.”

Content marketing attracts and keeps a “two-way” sales relationship with customers, which helps build trust and is especially useful and productive to them during the distinct stages of a purchase. Sales are increased when there is trust so, if your company has yet to integrate content marketing in its digital marketing strategy, there is nothing stopping that from happening – especially now, where strong and reliable “all-in-one” tools such as ClearVoice are available in the market.

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