How Mammoth Helped me Clean out my Evernote Junk Drawer

August 14, 2015

9:00 am

I started years ago using Evernote as a tool to keep things in mind, to have a kind of an extended brain, things you want to collect and have access to them if you need them. As Evernote started it was simple and easy to use. A few features which made my daily work much easier. One really cool thing I loved was the so called web clipper. An extension for the browser to grab some parts or the entire website with a link to a note in Evernote. A very quick way to collect information from the internet.

This user story was written by Achim Meurer of HDR Photography and is submitted here as a guest article. Main Image Credit: Flickr/martinak15

But then they started adding features, and features, a lot of features, re-designing, and again features with again a new design and so on. This ended up with a totally unusable interface and a way too complicated web clipper. Every time I tried to find something in Evernote I got lost. Then I spotted Mammoth, a new web based service for collecting informations, sharing and collaborating. It’s very simple, clean design (which I really love, because you don’t get lost!) and easy to use. Exactly what I needed.

Why did I make the switch from Evernote to Mammoth? Because it’s easier to use!

Mammoth image

So I started using Mammoth every day to give it a try and check out, to see if I can use it for my daily work. After a while I recognized that I didn’t use Evernote anymore: only when transferring notes from Evernote to Mammoth.

This was about one year ago. Today Mammoth is one of my daily working tools. I deinstalled Evernote a couple of month ago and I tell you what – I don’t miss it! I love the simplicity of Mammoth, very easy way to collaborate with other people in a project, upload files and even share informations with everyone via public boards. There’s an iPhone App and a simple to use web clipper. Everything I need for my daily work. Check out my public boards in on my profile page on Mammoth.

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