SwoopTEXT: Group Texting Made Easy for Student Organizations

October 2, 2011

11:00 am

As a junior in college, I know the balancing act of trying to juggle classes, all-nighter study sessions, and club meetings – not to mention maintaining a healthy social life. New startup SwoopTEXT, a free student communication platform that enables instant group communication via text, is trying to make the hustle and bustle of campus life a little easier.

Founded by recent Princeton graduates Michael Keaton and Michael Perl, SwoopTEXT’s platform allows group leaders to text blast – or “swoop” to – members of their organization with a single click. If you don’t want to send the message to all members, no problem – SwoopTEXT’s filter options allow you to sort by class year, gender, or custom subgroup as needed.

“We created this site to help student leaders reach their group members quickly and without excluding those without smartphones, to increase transparency of groups on campus, and promote new relationships between students,” says Keaton.

Speaking from personal experience, college kids are notorious for making last-minute plans – so I see a lot of potential in SwoopTEXT’s ability to send out critical info to group members when you need to do it ASAP. Almost everyone constantly checks their text inbox – and that high readership rate is incredibly handy when you need to keep the whole group updated.

SwoopTEXT also lets you to manage subscriptions to all your groups in one place, so students can easily network and connect with new organizations as they please. The site even aggregates events from your groups’ calendars into your personal calendar, whether you use iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook – and allows you to subscribe to text reminders to events you RSVP to. Since students’ schedules are overloaded as it is, getting a text reminder 10 minutes before an event can mean the difference between going to see a Nobel laureate lecture or missing out from sheer forgetfulness.

Currently live on half a dozen universities, SwoopTEXT solves the problem of instant communication to groups – and it’s doing it right. The young startup was asked to run graduation for the Princeton Class of 2011 this past June – an event where something like SwoopTEXT could be incredibly useful if say, it starts pouring rain and you need to move 1,200 seniors to a rain contingency location for Mayor Bloomberg’s baccalaureate speech. The startup passed the test with flying colors: within 6 days of releasing the platform, half the senior class had opted in.

SwoopTEXT offers an easy-to-use group texting solution for student organizations so you never have to miss a football game, famous speaker, or career event again. The platform is currently only on the web, but is growing fast with mobile applications and more university partnerships in the works.

You can register for SwoopTEXT and learn more about the platform here. Make sure to check out the SwoopTEXT video tour below.

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