Get to Know the 50 Finalists for the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event

January 25, 2017

3:30 pm

With SXSW less than two months away, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and conference enthusiasts from around the world are beginning to book flights, reserve hotels, and pack their bags for more than a week of engaging talks, exciting exhibits, and enough celebrity intrigue to make you pass out. And if you’re interested in the business side of this famous Austin conference/festival, the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event is the place for you.

With companies from sectors like virtual reality, content, finance, health and dozens more, everyone will be able to find something that interests them. If you’d like to get to know these companies a little bit better, take a look at this list below and get ready for a SXSW that will not soon be forgotten.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

It’s not secret that these two advancements have been the talk of the technology world for quite sometime. The companies on this list have proven that they know what the future holds for AR and VR and they want to show you what they’re made of.

Fibrum (Moscow, Russia)

Fibrum Platform is a VR-platform designed for the purpose of involving a user into virtual reality, making it understandable and interesting, analogue of Steam for mobile VR.

Holojam (New York, NY)

Holojam is developing technology that works with VR / AR headsets to enable groups of people who are in the same location to share a mixed reality – where the virtual world is blended over the physical world.

Lampix (San Francisco, CA)

Lampix is a software, hardware and cloud platform that makes augmented reality without glasses by transforming surfaces into smart surfaces. This makes AR much simpler.

Oncomfort (Houston, TX)

Oncomfort leverages virtual reality technology to train patients in stress management techniques, give them easy-to-understand information, and help them feel in control, more calm and comfortable during their whole medical journey.

Teleporter VR (Istanbul, Turkey)

Teleporter VR is the new generation live event experience company focused live sports, music and e-sports events. The company is building a magical platform using VR, AI and AR technologies.

Enterprise and Smart Data

Utilizing all the data created today can be incredibly difficult. Fortunately, these startups are doing their part to make smart data part of everyday life.

Deep 6 Analytics (Pasadena, CA)

Deep 6 Analytics applies artificial intelligence to medical records to find more patients for clinical trials faster, getting cures to the people who need them more quickly.

Helixworks Technologies (Cork, Ireland)

Helixworks makes synthetic DNA for research in Biotech and has developed a technology to store digital data in DNA.

LivingLens (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

LivingLens captures and analyzes video content via speech, actions & sentiment, translating human behavior & attitudes into data & insights

Metadata (San Francisco, CA)

For marketing managers in B2B/tech, Metadata amplifies your content marketing campaigns by pairing predictive scoring + programmatic advertising to generate qualified, opt-in conversions.

Speechmatics (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Speechmatics provides the world’s smartest speech recognition technology, harnessing the latest advances in AI and deep learning. With broad language coverage our technology enables enterprises to surface valuable customer insight.

Entertainment and Content

SXSW would be nothing without a little bit of entertainment. And when it comes to these startups, entertainment and content is their number one priority.

Haste (Atlanta, GA)

Haste is software that optimizes the internet for people engaged in live, interactive experiences. Haste is currently beta-testing its esports accelerator service which reduces network lag for gamers. (San Francisco, CA) is the first and only streaming app dedicated to stand-up comedy. We have the largest catalog of comedy from over 600 comedians – everyone from Aziz Ansari to Kevin Hart.

MuuseLabs (Brussels, Belgium)

MuuseLabs is a family tech consumer electronics company. It develops Jooki – The Jukebox for Kids – a wireless speaker with a figurine-based interface targeted at kids without a smartphone.

Novel Effect (Seattle, WA)

Novel Effect makes story time magical by using voice recognition to sync special effects as you tell a story, creating an immersive, interactive and engaging experience.

Triseum (Bryan, TX)

Triseum creates high-quality learning games, empowering players to learn through fun, engaging and immersive experiences. Our games are meticulously handcrafted, fully tested and evaluated to provide the ultimate educational experience.

Health and Wearables

Being health is imperative, especially at SXSW. You can be as successful as you want but if you have trouble making it up the stairs, you aren’t doing too great. But with the technology from these startups, you’ll be able to keep yourself healthy for years to come.

Bloomlife (San Francisco, CA)

Bloomlife is a women’s health company designing the future of prenatal care. We combine wearables with data analytics to reassure moms and provide doctors with better information to improve birth outcomes.

iSono Health (San Francisco, CA)

iSono Health is democratizing breast cancer screening by developing a platform that combines automated ultrasound with AI to empower women with regular and accessible breast health monitoring to help with early detection.

Litmus Health (Austin, TX)

Litmus Health is a clinical data science platform focused on health-related quality of life. We help researchers make better go and no-go decisions from patients’ environment, lifestyle, diet, and activity.

Saathi (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

Saathi takes a cradle-to-cradle approach to women’s menstrual health. We’ve developed a fully biodegradable sanitary pad from waste banana tree fiber, which don’t need to be burned when disposed, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sound Scouts (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Sound Scouts utilizes game-based technology to deliver an accessible, reliable, low cost hearing screening solution to eliminate undetected hearing loss and elevate life outcomes.

Innovative World Technologies

Connecting the world is one of the best way to make sure everyone is getting the best out of technology. These startups are working to make the world a little smaller through services and products at SXSW.

AnyQuip (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

AnyQuip is Canada’s trusted B2B equipment sharing platform and marketplace. We connect companies that own under-utilized heavy equipment directly to qualified contractors looking to rent it. Largest selection, lowest prices.

envi (Los Angeles, CA)

envi has perfected detailing a car without water, without scratching. envi is empowering the deaf community with a real income/business opportunity that promoted saving time, water and the planet!

FishViews (Wimberly, TX)

FishViews creates 360o HD waterway maps delivered to desktop, mobile, or VR devices. We get you on the water without putting you in the boat.

Makerarm (Austin, TX)

Makerarm is the world’s first factory on a desktop. A robotic arm with 20 snap-on heads including laser, milling and 3D printing, Makerarm allows you to make anything, anywhere. (Buffalo, NY)

Thimble teaches beginners a basic understanding of building electronics through a monthly kit with carefully curated and easy to follow instructions. Examples include a wifi-robot, weather station, quadcopter, etc.

Payment and FinTech

The financial world has been turned on its head since fintech startups have hit the market. And with these startups making a push to change things even more at SXSW, banks could soon be a thing of the past.

AssetVault (London, United Kingdom)

AssetVault helps consumers to catalogue their physical and digital assets in a secure register, protect assets through insurance products and fully digital wills and unlock value of assets through advanced AI.

CNote (Oakland, CA)

CNote earns you a 40x better return on your savings with 100 percent social impact.

Envudu (Springville, UT)

Natural biases are hard to overcome. What if our biases could work for us instead of against us? Envudu is a “mind hack” that fundamentally changes how you manage money.

Hip Pocket (Lincoln, NE)

Hip Pocket’s newest FinTech app, Hip Money, helps you save more money and prepay debt all with a simple swipe right on your phone.

Kickfurther (Boulder, CO)

Kickfurther is the first online consignment platform in the world. We connect growing brands with individuals across the United States where both are able to grow their wealth.

Security and Payment

Fintech startups are great, but the issue of security is always a pressing one. Fortunately, these startups are working to make sure your digital payments are protected from hackers and cyber attackers.

Emergent Network Defense (Washington, DC)

Predict and prevent hacks before they start. Emergent uses existing enterprise systems and swarming artificial intelligence to explore millions of loss scenarios; identifying hacks that make Fortune 500 executives nervous.

Secr Secure (Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

This startup has created a security toolkit for developers.

umboCV (San Francisco, CA)

A neural network based artificial super intelligence that sees the world as we do.

UnifyID (San Francisco, CA)

UnifyID revolutionizes authentication by discovering what makes us unique. We’re getting rid of passwords by combining machine learning and sensor data to maximize the user experience while reducing fraud.

Uplevel Security (New York, NY)

Uplevel’s Adaptive Response Platform uses graph intelligence to enable enterprises to respond to attacks quickly and accurately, dynamically enhance security posture, and develop strategic initiatives based on response insights.

Social and Culture

While business can seem like a serious endeavor, the social aspect of the world is always important to consider. That’s why these startups have take a social/cultural approach to their business ventures and hope to take home the prize at SXSW.

4Gifters (Milan, Italy)

4Gifters is the first social e-gifting platform allowing users to Gift, Group Gift and pick up from luxury brand stores all over the world.

Envy (Palo Alto, CA)

Envy is a visual search engine, based on your location. Rethink the way you find the services and products you want. Swipe right if you love it, left if you don’t.

Lily (San Diego, CA)

Lily helps women discover & buy clothes that make them look & feel their best. It’s first ever perception engine technology understands a woman’s emotions, perceptions & aspirations about clothing.

Module (Pittsburgh, PA)

Module is reimagining home for the 21st century. Our incremental housing technology and interactive design platform provide affordable, well-designed homes that change as your needs do.

NextBillion (Vancouver, Canada) is a community where people with visible and invisible disabilities connect with industry leaders for personalized mentorships, and get access to jobs and resources.


The sports world is one of the most lucrative industries in the country. Fortunately, these global startups understand that and want to get in on all the fun by pitching at SXSW this year.

Brizi (Toronto, Canada)

Brizi automates and monetizes fan content in stadiums. Augmented Reality robotic cameras are remote-controlled by fans to instantly snap & share photos of themselves.

HorseAnalytics GmbH (Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany)

HorseAnalytics empowers horse enthusiasts to monitor and improve health and training of horses by applying reliable technologies from health and sports supervision and combining constant and real-time scientific analytics.

Kymira (Reading, United Kingdom)

KYMIRA have developed a disruptive business model do deliver medical innovation through their Sportswear brand. They’re developing the smart clothing of tomorrow for a cleaner, safer and healthier planet.

Season Share (Los Angeles, CA)

There are 3.2M season ticket holders in the US, 70% share with other sports fans. Season Share is a proprietary mobile technology for buying & sharing season tickets.

Wyp Aviation (Huntsville, AL)

Passionate, inspired, with just a touch of crazy. From design to prototype to flight test, Wyp Aviation has the knowledge and flexibility to take aviation to the next level.


With companies like Uber and Tesla becoming some of the biggest successes in the business world, it’s not wonder these transportation startups are throwing their names in the ring to become the next big success story out of SXSW.

Driver Watchdog (Buffalo, NY)

Driver Watchdog is The Smart Driver’s Companion. Assisting in proactively avoiding unsafe situations with on demand behavior correction capabilities. We are Intelligent Driving.. Reinvented.

Fingertips Lab (San Francisco, CA)

Fingertips Lab’s first product is O6, an IoT device and mobile app that allows you to engage with your phone while driving, without looking at or touching a screen.

HAAS Alert (Chicago, IL)

V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) platform delivers real-time preemptive safety information to motorists, smart cities, connected and autonomous cars. Helping drivers and vehicles make smarter decisions by informing them of the road ahead.

Spatial.ia (Detroit, MI)

Artificial intelligence location platform and API that enables vehicles to answer location questions only a local would know using real-time social data.

SPLT (Austin, TX)

SPLT is a transportation platform changing the way people commute worldwide through enterprise carpooling in a closed network and in partnership with Lyft, providing non-emergency medical transportation.

For a complete list of startups and alternates, head to the SXSW website here.

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