The One SXSW Event Wireless Startups Need to Check Out

March 9, 2017

3:30 pm

Mobile and wireless startups are in high demand. After all, one of the biggest mobile priorities for enterprises today is a focus on cloud integration. However, that doesn’t mean life is easy for them. Wireless startups need just as many funds, networks, and mentors as any other aspiring business. So I hope you’re reading, mobile innovators: Here’s the South by Southwest event you need to check out.

Startup Lunch: The Wireless Meetup is a Saturday SXSW event by Mobile Future and Tech.Co. Participating wireless startups and innovators will get a chance at one of the biggest boosts an entrepreneur can get: a mentor chat with an industry insider.

The Wireless Meetup

At this fourth annual for SXSW wireless innovators, you can grab lunch while enjoying one-on-one mentor sessions with industry leaders. They’re pre-scheduled, so you’ll get a chance to sign up for one as soon as you RSVP.

Mentorship helps fresh-faced entrepreneurs learn how to listen to the right instincts… and ignore the wrong ones. It’s a point driven home by Invisionate founder and CEO George Stepancich, who once phrased it like this:

“Founders have a tendency to drink their own Kool-Aid and can convince themselves it tastes good when perhaps it needs more or less sugar.”

But if the Kool-Aid in this analogy is mobile technology, what is the “sugar” that must be considered? Perhaps it could refer to the impact of your mobile app. Hopefully, your app can help make the world a better place.

Perhaps one of the larger concerns the Mobile Future mentors at SXSW hold is for the future of the industry: Can mobile apps continue helping solve social issues in the cultures that they exist in?

The Impact of Mobile Apps

Socially beneficial apps can appear in many forms. Take DugalDiabetes, a mobile app that uses machine learning to improve the speed, ease and accuracy of insulin dosing. Also socially useful: GoKid, a car pool app, and PhoneFlare, a non-profit campus safety app that texts friends and family your GPS location if you’re in danger and calls your school’s safety dispatch if on campus. Then there is Smackcap, a hit-detecting skullcap  that wirelessly detects and delivers hit information in real time to our mobile app. All these apps have been honored by Mobile Future in the past, thanks to variety and depth of their social impact.

Drop by the SXSW event to chat with a mentor about the future of mobile apps, and learn how your idea could potentially help out a wireless world. RSVP here.

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